It's "fin"ally here.....

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hey girl Its finally here.....

 Oh you betcha, Shark Week is huge in this house.

We have been counting down the days since….well yesterday when we saw the ad.  We don’t watch much television mmkay.

But it is here, and we must celebrate.

I looked all over the internet for Shark inspiration to help everyone get excited….this is what I found.

shark party 4 300x219 Its finally here..... shark party 1 300x190 Its finally here..... shark party 2 300x225 Its finally here.....

The best shark party I have ever seen….seriously how cute are those shark fins.  Chris over at Celebrations at Home is a party planning genius.  I’m just in love with all of her little details.

Speaking of party details, I am going to try really hard to make this.

71002131595402536 zcdwMd1f c Its finally here.....

It will probably just turn into watermelon mush though, and I’ll tell Tim I was trying to make a “shark attack” melon.  Smart girlfriend award right here.  Thanks.

And really what is a Shark Week party without ice cube fins?  Of course they are in my Amazon cart.

image01 300x300 Its finally here.....

And yes, I will sing “Dun dun, dun dun. dun dun”  When I take a drank.  Mom, I meant to type “drank”….it’s a gangster thang.  “Thang” is too.  Ok, I promise I’ll use proper grammar from here on out.

I really want to eat one of these shark cupcakes, like right this second.

237494580320246080 kfZ3N71k c Its finally here.....

Freaking adorable cupcakes.  Once again, mine would just look like a tidal wave.

Okay, enough food or I might have to get up and gain five pounds!  How about these koozies?  Do I have any friends that crochet?

165929567490429437 nz4Q0B37 c 300x273 Its finally here.....

If I do…then I want one of these for Labor Day.  That’s the next holiday right?  I mean after Shark Week, because that is a holiday in my book.

If you are having a Shark Week party, you should really invite me.  Make cute invites, put “Beware of Sharks” signs in your yard, and then make these bad boys.

189714203023862556 czSIfv2G c 300x224 Its finally here.....

I will rock those shark hats.  Fo’ sho.  Opps, sorry mom.  Gone gangster again.

Timbo wants to rock this shirt while I rock my shark hat.

280560251756489469 QAw47MDM c Its finally here.....

I think I will buy it for him, with my fin cubes.  He’d look like a rockstar.

Speaking of rockstar, check out this girls nails then check out her pants.  Holy awesome.

153896512237189486 8TOL8fvU c 300x225 Its finally here.....

I will not even attempt that.  I do not have the patience.

I will attempt…after my watermelon shark….this plate.

268738302734596672 YDmAg39Y c 300x224 Its finally here.....

 There are a lot of tutorials for making plates and glasses and such.  I think you draw on it and then bake it or something.  If it doesn’t work out, then I will just die of ink poisoning.  Then I’ll suck it up and buy that one.

How adorable is this necklace?  Who knew sharks were so sexy.

il 570xN 363934484 e249 300x226 Its finally here.....

And last but certainly not least….my kids are so doomed.

shark costume Its finally here.....

Till then…..my dog is so doomed.

shark pug 300x218 Its finally here.....

Can I just dress everything that is defenseless up in shark costumes?

To top off all of our excitement for Shark Week, the boys from Tanked just finished a shark tank for Tracy Morgan.  Soooo now we need our own shark tank, so that every day can be shark day.

Hope everyone is as excited as we are.  If you aren’t then reread this post.

pixel Its finally here..... Written by Christina and Tim

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