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Have you ever been really, really hungry?

This weekend I told Tim that I was withering away because it was 3 p.m. and I hadn’t eaten.  I was hangry….beyond hangry.

Thankfully I have never known true hunger.  My mom worked in a grocery store growing up so we were always “the house with the full pantry”.  I never had to worry if I wouldn’t have dinner, and most nights I actually complained about what we were eating.  What a brat.

Cut to college, a much poorer-and skinnier-version of myself.  You could find me scavenging for home cooked meals.

“Oh you live in town?”
“Does your mom make meatloaf?”
“Does she love meeting your friends?”

Although I was far from starving, I finally understood what hungry meant.

So it is not easy for me to relate to those starving kids in Africa, instead my heart just breaks.  What hurts even more is that there are millions of kids just like them here in America.  Going to bed hungry every night.

This week, I want to help. monday matter the facts on food I can’t believe some of those numbers.

Especially since I always overeat because I don’t want to be wasteful.  I know I am not the only one, I mean we are the fattest country in the world right?

When I was growing up, I was so affected by the starving kids commercials that I wanted to set up a “send to hungry bin” next to our recycle bin where you put all of your uneaten food to send to those kiddos.  My dad wasn’t down, something about it rotting.  But how great would that be, if we could just send the rest of our fries to someone hungry.

I decided that today I am going to take the money I have saved by not eating out for lunch every day and give it to our local food pantry.  I love when donations stay local, you never know who you are helping.  It could be your neighbor…and one day it could be you. what to do If we are being honest,  it pains me to see homeless people in my hometown…but I almost never give them money.  I have a much easier time giving them a little bag of Doritos, and it’s an incredible feeling when you see the gratitude in their eyes.  I always try to have snacks in my car, just in case.

Do you all have any ideas to help the hungry?
I’m listening.

Written by Christina and Tim

This week is a little near and dear to my heart.

I also think it is perfect for anyone that was going strong on their New Years resolutions, but Super Bowl maybe crushed the whole “I am eating so great these pounds better fall of soon” dreams.

And by the way, for anyone that HAS kept their resolutions going strong…
where is our parade?
Seriously, I have not had a soda or a fingernail since 2012 and I think that deserves a blimp and marching band or something.

Stepping off the soapbox now.
I don’t like to share this often but it’s been a part of my life for a few years now.

I have high blood pressure.

It runs in the family, but my love of Mexican food doesn’t help.
I have tried to get it under control without medication for quite sometime, and I am doing well but I really want it to be super-extra-ultra good before I try to do the whole let’s-grow-a-human-inside-of-me thing.  Don’t get excited mom, we still have a few years.  I figure I better start now.

A lot of health issues face me in my future, and as I get a little older everyday I realize I need to take action now.  Bring on the veggies. monday matter I know it is really easy to run to Taco Bell for dinner when you busy.
Trust me, I know.

Let’s make a deal….no Taco Bell tonight okay.

shockers I mean, I am sure we all know that America is known as obesity capital of the world.  But did you know that we spend $66 billion annually for high blood pressure.  I gotta say, I don’t want to be a part of that. take action Let’s do this.  I am here for you mmmkay.

Written by Christina and Tim

Happy Monday to you….are you ready to make this week better?

I can help.

So a couple of weeks ago I was talking with my old college roommate and she clued me in on Epsom bath soaks.  The girl is nine months pregnant and not even a pinky finger is swollen.  I felt like her argument had some merit.

Before I dove into the Epsom bath, I did a little research.
Be ready for some shocking facts. this aint no system of a down song here source

So this Monday….instead of saving the world.
I think you should pamper yourself. monday matter3 Go spend the $3 on a bag of Epsom salt and jump right into those healing waters tonight.  Relax and let the magic do it’s thing.

Some of the tips I have read online are:

– Don’t eat before or after
– Your pores will be open so avoid soaps
– Rinse with a cool shower afterwards
-Soak as much of your body as possible
– You may be light-headed, so get up slowly
– Put Ingrid Michaelson on Pandora
– Hotter the water the better

Have you ever soaked in Epsom Salt?  Am I totally behind on this?  I remember soaking sprained ankles, but when did it turn into spa day?

Written by Christina and Tim