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Maybe it’s because I just watched Pitch Perfect, or maybe I’m just a sucker for a capella.  Or possibly I just wanted an excuse to listen to some T. Swift without my boyfran-man fussing.  Hint:  It’s all of the above.

I feel like you absolutely need to see this.
Try not to sing along….go ahead try.

You’ve been challenged.

Even if you don’t like the original song, just veg out for the next couple minutes.
Then daydream about starting a band….I’ll be in it with you.

We could be famous.

If you think that is “kinda neato” you should she what they can do with instruments. The kids from Walk off the Earth are seriously skilled.
A warning:  once you start you might as well consider yourself in marathon territory.  It is a serious time-sucker. They cover everything from the Beatles to Lady Gaga, and here is the time-consuming part….you watch every video completely because they are always throwing in surprises.  Like “ohhhh I had so idea he could play the standing bass” “is that the same person” and “wait when did they switch places” oh and let’s not forget “where did that flying ukulele come from”.  Consider yourself warned. Here is the video that is making them famous.The best news is…they are finally releasing original videos.
And they are just as good. I’ll leave you with the best multi-tasking I have seen all year.Is anyone else as jealous of all this talent as I am?

Written by Christina and Tim

Everyone has been putting up pictures of their beautiful trees.
They are so gorgeous…the ribbon and bows.

I just can’t do it.  I need my childhood popsicle ornaments all up in that tree.  Our tree is not classy by any means, it is full of love and memories.

You know from our Road Trip earlier this year that we buy ornaments when we visit a place we really love.  While in Chicago a few weekends ago we bought an amazing ornament from West Elm.  I wanted to make sure we never forgot where we got it and the awesome book tour that brought us there. So I busted out the gold bling pen…and bedazzled.

Now it is one of our favorite ornaments…thanks for the memories.

Speaking of memories.  Check it. My mom’s friend made this for her when I was the size of a peanut.  Not sure if I was going to be a Christina or a Christopher they played it safe.  Good call.

You may not know that Tim is half Jewish.  We celebrate both holidays…and I can’t resist his childhood macaroni skills.  He is so crafty.

Here is my very first ornament….Barbie of course.  I seriously still love this ornament so much.  Hot pink and bling, girl was way ahead of her time.
Eat your heart out Nikki Minaj.

Not technically an ornament.  This Nativity scene has been passed through our family and is one of my most precious belongings.  I remember being teeny and staring at Mary and baby Jesus.  MVP goes to the Nativity scene.

Look at all the nostalgia Tim is bringing to our tree.  I love, love, love all of his hand-made ornaments and anything with his name on it.  I got so lucky that his mama held onto all of it and trusts me not to eat the macaroni right off his ornament.  We all know tree-decorating makes you hungry.

My mother made this stained glass ornament.  I obviously love doves since I got one tattooed on my wrist when I turned 20.  Maybe this ornament sparked my love of that sweet little birdie.  And my rebellion.

Whoooweee that is some sweet paper mache.  Nuff said.

I bought this ornament for T on our first Christmas together.  He says it’s his favorite.  What can I say, I know what guys like.  Mushy ornaments.

Here is the ornament I bought this year.  We may not be able to be two peas in a pod for too many years.  Once we start adopting all the kiddies I see on the news needing homes.  I want to adopt them all.

Do I really need to explain this one?  We have lots of Cardinals ornaments.  The World Series champs one is my kind of bragging.

Here are from our travels this summer.  The octopus we bought at Shedd Aquarium and the other was from Maine.  We’d live in both of those places.

What is your favorite ornament?

Written by Christina and Tim

Not only are these Rocketrictic prints pretty, they aren’t cliché over worked quotes.  Which makes me love them more.

Here is the best of my blogosphere this week.
Sure to rock your socks right off your feet.


The best non-traditional tablesetting for the holidays that I have seen.

Ever wonder what to do with leftover corn husk…decorate with them.

This makes me want to have a wine tasting.

I want this kids playroom…especially the little loft playhouse, tim can organization and animal jars.  Super cute.

Chalk is all the rage, here is what you need to know.

Mamas have more in common with turkeys than you thought.


What did I miss?  Shoot me some good links!

Written by Christina and Tim

For anyone new on the block, we do a little collection of our favorite things in the middle of every month.

Here is what my manfriend has discovered and loved during sweet November.

 1.  So they sucked me in by telling me that someone hits it big.  It is that little explorer in all of us that makes me want to sell everything and drag Christina to Alaska.  Until I can convince her that she can befriend that furniture builder blogger (geesshh he is talking about Ana White y’all…the disrespect…sorry Ana) then I will just have to pull for Parker.

2.  We actually just bought this Sigma 10-20mm lens and in the two weeks we have had it, I think I’ve used it everyday.  It has given us so much more freedom with it’s super wide lens so that we can include more in our pictures.  Christina says, “she is thankful not to have to stand so far away”.

3.  I actually just found hootsuite.com through John and Sherry’s blogiversary post.  It manages all of your social media in one place so that you don’t miss a tweet or mention.  One of those things that once you have it you think, “how did I ever survive with out this?”

4.  Thanks to my girlfriend draggin me up to Chicago at all hours of the night for this trip, I have found a new store.  West Elm put on such a great event for the Young House Love Book Tour.  The people were awesome but the real showstopper was all the cool stuff.  The products they sell are “pretty” enough for ladies to fawn over them and “cool” enough for guys to actually like.  As opposed to a lot of floral towels we almost came home with from other stores, West Elm had a lot of really awesome things that I would have gladly taken home.  Like this fox ornament.

5.  I know I am jumping on a rather old bandwagon, but I finally got on Twitter.  This is for all of my friends that think it is silly, it is like an all-of-your-favorite-things news station.  If you like sports, then it can be all sports updates.  Gamers can find out when there are new releases.  I can find the sweet corals and deals on lights.  You follow who you want so it is all things that interest you.  Pretty great concept if you ask me.

6.  Oh man, I saw a commercial for an Orange Julius and it is all I can think about lately.  Christina said she is finding a homemade recipe on Pinterest and I can’t wait.  Orange Julius’ for everyone.

1.  Tis the season….for bringing your famous dish.  So I say do it with syle.  These adorable casserole warmers are so cute and if you are a really good friend I think they make an awesome hostess gift.

2.  I can not get enough of all things peppermint.  Peppermint hot chocolate, peppermint candy canes, peppermint bark.  I love it all, it really gets me in the holiday spirit.  Yes, I am already putting on the pressure to get our tree and lights up.  On top of being oh so tasty, I think this packaging from Williams Sonoma is super vintage and sweet.

3.  I know most people love summer, but I love pretty coats.  So by default I have to like the colder months.  This lovely mustard coat is a steal and I imagine all the possibilities of jazzing it up with scarfs and mittens.  Imagine throwing this on with boots, you don’t even have to brush your hair because you already look fashionable.

4.  Like I said, tis the season.  You will inevitably have leftovers.  Instead of giving out your good Tupperware and hoping for it back, or wrapping leftovers in foil…why not give them to your guests in these cute little containers by Think Garnish.

5.  You knew this would make the list, right?  I am emersed right this very minute in the words and projects of the Petersiks.  Go get a copy, you won’t regret it.

What are your November needs?  Do you love you some riding boots?  Can’t get enough of that pumpkin candle?  I love hearing about new stuff so lay it on me.

Written by Christina and Tim

It is that time again…..already

Here are our favorite things for the month of October. 1.  I am digging the scarves lately.  Bright and fun, printed and sweet…it doesn’t matter.  These are my perfect fall accessories, this one is on my crush list.

2.  I slapped “Every Month is Oktoberfest” on my toes on a recent pedicure trip.  It is the first time I have ever put a dark and moody color on my toes.  I generally stick to girly pinks or hot summer brights, so this was a refreshing change.  I love it so much I ordered a bottle when I got home, I love how it reflects different colors in the light.

3.  I will admit…I broke down and bout the iPhone 5 the day it came out.  Only because my friend Sally asked me to go with her, and only because I had an upgrade on my kickin it old school phone.  Gotta say, I can not put my phone down.  I love it almost as much as bacon.  Suuuweeee.

4.  With the weather changing I am preparing for the dry hands and tootsies.  Aveda’s Hand Relief is the best lotion I have ever found, it is rich and creamy but not greasy at all.  Plus, it smells like fruit loops ohhh yum.  Go get you some.

5.  Oh the smells of fall, they make me so happy.  We have candles…multiple candles in every single room.  We change them with the seasons and I have been waiting to bust out the pumpkin candles for about three weeks now.  The time has come for bonfires and pumpkin spice everything.  I am one happy lady. 1.  You are bound to see a lot of spray painting projects on the blog soon, and we have been working with a few different brands.  Valspar has becoming my favorite spray paint without question.  It sprays with ease and covers evenly, very good quality.  Makes it a little less of a chore to spray paint all the stuff Christina brings to me.

2.  I am getting really excited for all the Halloween candy to be hitting shelves, Twix is by far my favorite candy bar of the season.

3.  We just switched the dogs over to Buffalo Blue brand dog food after a series of bad food run ins.  It is difficult to find something that is healthy for both pit bulls and peek-a-poos.  This all-natural brand has successfully kept both dogs full and happy.  The little one even eats all of her food in one sitting, which is new.  Two paws up.

4.  Who watched the Red Bull Stratos jump?  I was glued to the tv watching the little capsule rise and rise and wondering how this guy was going to survive temperatures of 96 degrees below zero.  It was awesome, didn’t realize it took five years to plan jumping 24 miles either.  That guy has guts.

5.  Jason Motte has been my hero for a couple years now.  I got his jersey for Christmas last year (thanks to the little miss) and he has really been rocking it in the post season.  He even picked up a bat the other night.  Go Cards!

Written by Christina and Tim