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We introduced you to Beatrice, our little fairy friend here.  Since then she has made herself quite at home by decorating for the holidays and kicking us into spring cleaning mode.

Lately though, she has been “out of town” an awful lot and I think it may have something to do with our recent renovations. poor bea You see we kind of tore out her secret hideaway to make room for a new shower bench, I know…bad roomates. our new bathroom addition I told her that when she gets back we will have a “move that bus” moment just for her.  Hope we don’t disappoint.

Written by Christina and Tim

You know those people who only buy things that are functional?
I am not one of them.

After seeing this on Kate’s blog, Kate’s Creative Space…I decided our home needed some whimsy.

That’s when Beatrice moved in.

Sure it is completely useless and just for decoration, until a little one comes over and their face lights up.  Then this little door is magic.

We went to our local craft store and picked up a dollhouse door and some hardware, painted it to match our front door, and let her move on in.

Bea got creative and wrangled up some staples for stairs until she got around to DIY’ing a ladder.

Gotta love that she got all festive and threw out her pumpkins….but where’s the candy?

Can you imagine the possibilities?  Kate adds milk bottles, mail, rain boots and all sorts of mini-sized goodies typically made for doll houses.

 I smile every time I walk by, and it has become a little game with T and I to see what Beatrice is up to.

Written by Christina and Tim