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Our dream tree...

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As we mentioned in this post right here, our tree is more of the sentimental type.  Full of memories and handmade ornaments.

You better believe we admire all the “pretty trees” though.

Lately I have been daydreaming of a woodsy-type sitting in our living room.
Complete with the “fresh lumberjack” scent and all. our winter woodlands Can you see an overage of burlap, lace, and white fur. 

I always see that white fur trimming at craft stores and I think it would be a perfect garland replacement.  Along with most everyone I have been admiring those bristle critter ornaments and I envision yarn balls and cotton string wrapped around our giant frosted hunk o’ tree.  Top it off with an owl and some homemade lovebird art and I think you have a woodsy wonderland.

What does your dream tree look like?

Written by Christina and Tim

A very sweet weekend....

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As I mentioned last week, I hosted my first cookie bake this weekend. our first cookie bake

For as long as I can remember my mom has gotten together with a few of her oldest friends -and by oldest I mean they have been in her life for many moons…not that they have wrinkles-and baked cookies.  I always loved this time of year because it meant a delicious sample session of sugary goodness.

I always secretly wondered why I wasn’t invited.  But now I get it…If kids were there then they couldn’t lick the bowls.  You’re totally forgiven mom.

This year I decided to take matters into my own hands and start hoarding sweets, not good for my thighs but I’ll totally take the stairs all week.

Here are a few of our treats… yummmmm We had a blast, just catching up and trying our best not to burn anything.  I really hope we can make it an annual get together.  Not only do you get to spend time with fun girls, you get cookies too!

Have you ever had a cookie bake?

Got a good recipe I need to know?

Written by Christina and Tim

When Tim and I decided to partake in this little game called love we never gave much thought as to how to blend our religions.  We were more concerned with making sure our breath didn’t smell and that we didn’t misuse grammar in texts.

These days…we are focused on bigger issues.

Tim grew up celebrating Hanukkah and I grew up with dear old St. Nick.  We had both been exposed to a variety of religions thanks to our awesome parents.  Now we are finding that magical balance celebrating both holidays.

I have found such joy in sharing our traditions with one another.  And ladies…find you a boy that speaks Hebrew…it’s awesome.  We are both so accepting of one another and we both get equally excited about learning about the other holiday.  I would say I get more excited about Hanukkah, because Tim has been exposed to Christmas through the years.

Before everyone gets all excited about how we will raise our kids and if the pups have dreidels please understand that we are both super open-minded.  For us our religion is more about our relationship with a higher being…and yes the dogs totally howl the dreidel song.

Have you ever dated someone with different beliefs?  A different culture?  How have you blended these parts of your lives together?  We love advice.

Written by Christina and Tim

Have you made your Christmas list?

Every year I still get asked by lots o’ folks to make a list for Santa.
For some reason, it is always a struggle.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot that I want.
It’s just hard to remember it and write it down.

This year….I am prepared.
To drop hints.
Hi Tim, hi mom, hi Santa.


I have no specifics, more of a general idea of what I want.

We need good pots and pans and I would kill for that camera strap (and by kill I mean a box of ding dongs or a whole pizza).  You should already know by now that I will never pass up nautical jewelry, and the address stamp is all kinds of adorable.  The lotion and cheek stain I fell in love with, and now I am out…and you know how it goes with beauty products.  They are totally addicting, and then they discontinue them and you are sad.  So I am stocking up now….speaking of stockings (hint).

The shocker is that vest.  My sister is laughing at me right now because I generally make fun of people who shell out bookoo bucks for North Face gear…but that vest is so ridiculously soft.  I have dreams about it.

Have you been nice this year?
What is on your Christmas list?

Written by Christina and Tim

Recently my dad asked if I would like to have my train set from when I was knee-high to a grasshopper.  Is that even a question?

Of course I wanted it.  I have lots of memories of laying in front on the train watching it go round and round.  And derailments…I had a thing for crashes.

Call me nostalgic, but I wanted this train under our tree bad.  Which explains why even after he told me about the severe water damage and that it might not even run I just smiled and said, “Oh it is totally fine…I love water damage”.

Do you feel my senti-mental-ness yet?

When my pops finally dropped my piece’o childhood off I realized it wasn’t as shiny as I remembered.  It was in pretty bad shape.

Tim saw how my eyes twinkled when I reminisced about my little girl memories.
So he did something crazy.

He pulled every nail out to remove the old-as-me track, striped the board, sanded, sealed, recovered, glued down cork, cleaned the track, nailed a million little holes into a new track, built a bridge, bought a building, and generally got our train in tip-top shape.  What a guy.

He brought my childhood back to life…cue the tears.

We decided on a new little tradition too.  We are going to buy a building for our “train town” every year.  This year we bought a train station, because we can’t have our townspeople just jumping on moving trains you know.  We write the year and a little note on the building so when we are old and senile we can reminisce on the labors of our little town.

I can’t believe the train that I played with as a baby is now up and running and terrorizing our dogs.  Need proof…here it is.

Did you have a childhood train set?  Any nostalgia going on in your home?  Tell me your holiday stories, I am a sucker for holiday memories.

Written by Christina and Tim