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Yesterday we had a pretty major event at our house.
Only the A-list celebrities were invited and we popped bottles.

Bottles of flea shampoo.  And by A-list celebrities I mean Snoopy, Mr. Ed, Lassie, and Old Yeller.  No one showed up, but that didn’t stop us from celebrating because our old man turned 12 yesterday. howdy happy birthday Yes that hat was impossible to keep on his head…he’s not as into the whole “dress up” thing as like I would like him to be.  I guess I will never understand boys, even if they are of the canine variety.

Tim has raised Tajjie since he was a pup, check out this throwback. whoiscuter I honestly don’t know who’s cuter, the 18-year-old version of my man or the pup.

The short story is that Tim rescued three pitbulls from the back of a truck of a mean, mean man on a cold night.  The long story could bring you to tears so I will spare you, and instead invite you to party with us.  Or at least laugh at the photos while I lust over my younger boytoy.

I stopped in to Treats Unleashed to pick up a couple presents for just such an occassion and decided to make the big one-two super special for Taj.  They did such an incredible job on his cake and let me tell you a little something about customer service, they should teach a class.  I sat there for the entirety of my lunch break deciding on shapes, flavors, colors, and toppings.  Who knew you could have a custom cake, gone are the days of little old raw hides.  Consider me impressed….and a life-time customer.  The pups couldn’t be more thrilled. haveyourcakeandeatittoo Speaking of the pups, they went crazy on this cake.  Taj was so sweet to share with his little sister, not like he had a choice. sweet big brother Please don’t call PETA, we did not let them eat the whole cake.  We actually froze most of it and will give it to them when they don’t bark at the mailman.  The gift that keeps on giving, right?

Have you ever thrown your dog a party?  Been to a doggie wedding?  Please tell me someone else makes their dogs wear silly hats for fun.

Written by Christina and Tim

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Big news on the blogfront….we have made a very BIG decision recently.
We chose this Monday Matters to reveal our news in hopes that even just one of you will join us.  Or at least support us.

Recently, we have realized how dependent we are.  On our jobs, on our cars, on our iPhones, on just about everything.  We are constantly stressed about money and even more so about time…it makes us miserable.  For the last few months we have talked and talked (even hinting at it in this post here) about downsizing.  More recently about selling it all and being vagabonds.

So in case you can’t see where this is going… monday matter That’s right.  We are selling everything that can’t fit on our backs and going on an adventure.  For the first two years we have decided to join the Peace Corps to get our bearings and be a part of something greater.  You know, we want to be do-gooders and all that.  You should join us. why Think about it, never having to worry about going to work.  Never having to worry if you DVR’d Duck Dynasty or if you paid your water bill.  No dusting.  Just exploring.  Sounds great right? how So the real point is that obviously, blogging will take a back seat to our travels.

We want to keep the blog running to document our travels and keep our moms in the loop of where we are resting our heads that night.  Also, we’ve made so many amazing web-friends already and I can’t imagine not talking to them.  So have no fear the blog will be here, we just won’t be posting every day.

Obviously this is going to be a long process, and we will be keeping you posted on how well “selling everything to fund adventures” works out.  We are so excited and hope you all will continue to visit our little piece of the internet to say hi every once in a while.  We may even send you a post card from Africa….since that’s our first stop.  Eeekk I am excited.  Come at me antelope.

The hardest part will be not being able to bring home a bunch of souvenirs.  Happy April Fools my friends.  Although that would be a real dream for us, it is just not in the cards today.  Hope you are out pulling many pranks and reveling in this glorious holiday.  Love you suckers.


Written by Christina and Tim

March Mantel-ness....

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This is for all the ladies in the midst of brackets and basketball.

We can make our own March fun, right?
We can call it mantel madness, you down?

A couple weeks (yes weeks) ago I decorated the mantel for St. Patty’s Day.
What can I say, I am excited.

Once again I have to ask for photography forgiveness.  Mantel is directly across from our fish tank.  Hence, lots of blue glowiness and glares. march mantel I had lots of yarn left over from my St. Pat’s wreath, so I channeled my inner Martha and made lots of yarn poufs and called it garland.

Have you been decorating in green and gold?
Got a fancy mantel?  I’d love to see it.

Written by Christina and Tim

Has anyone else been counting down the days since March 18th, 2012?

I am totally going to be as tacky as they come in every shade of green.
I may even break out my beer mug hat…reliving the glory days.

If I was slightly classy I may dress more like this. miss lady luck

For the girls that aren’t a teeny little thing (congrats to the ones that are) I found a really cute pair of green jeggings at JC Penny.  Bonus that they are super comfy and they have a rainbow of colors.

Would you get down with a disco ball shirt?
Do you have your outfit planned already?

Written by Christina and Tim

I mentioned earlier this week how excited I was to give T his present.
Now I am just as excited to tell you guys about it my card for Tim I mean, could I have found a more perfect card?
I think not.

I had a really cute idea to tell him what we were doing (because I am always up for an adventure) but do you know how tough it is…nay nay impossible it is to find an inflatable intertube in the winter.  So I doodled instead. tubemania

My original plan was for him to blow up an inflatable for a clue, but like I said…none to be found.  He figured out my sweet drawing skills with a quickness.

We are going snow tubing this weekend….you know like grown up sledding.
It might be epic, I think….I’ll keep you posted.

On the other spectrum, I am a spoiled brat.
Avert your eyes if you hate mushiness. pretties

I did surprise T with dinner.
We like to avoid crowds, so this was the only logical solution. our dindin

Onto the good stuff, feel free to sing some Rhianna while scrolling.
Shine bright likea diamond.  Holler. the best present I have ever gotten my knees are weak

Those earrings are probably my favorite thing I have ever gotten, simply because he actually heard me every time I said how much I loved my fakies.  It was so unexpected….I did NOT expect jewelry.  Hence the snow tubing and pizza on my part.  Tim is so thoughtful, and that’s all the bragging I will do promise.

Wanna know the best part?  No horrific calorie intake this year.

How was your Valentines?


Written by Christina and Tim