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I have had a pain in my side for a couple of months now.  Could be my appendix, could be a cyst, could be gas.  I don’t know because I have avoided getting the ultrasound my doctor ordered in September.

It’s usually always “nothing” right?  It would be a waste of time and money to get it checked out….I am sure it’s nothing.  That was my excuse until I listened to someone I love make the same excuses.  I spent all weekend trying to convince that loved one to go to the doctor while hiding the fact that I’ve put it off even longer than she has.

Got a tooth hurting?  Just wait until you can’t even eat before you go to the dentist.
Feeling stuffy?  Oh just wait until it’s full-blown bronchitis…no biggie.

Well, I am ready to make a change.  A virtual “putting down of the foot” for my health.  I’m hoping it will convince my loved one, and maybe one or two of you to do the same. get a checkup You got it, I am making my appointment today.  On top of getting the dreaded ultrasound, I may actually go to the dentist as well.

Do you put off going to the doctor?
Any self-diagnosers addicted to WebMed like me?
What do you do in the waiting room?

Written by Christina and Tim

Happy June….wait June? That means it is officially summer in my book. Summers have always been the highlight of the year, more so when it meant I was on a three-month vacation from books and bullying.  Those were the days, and I decided I want to start reliving them. Instead of taking a three-month hiatus from that thing I call my job I decided to join some amazing co-hosts to bring you the Summer of My Youth Link Up Party.

The idea is simple: relive your youth, blog about it, link it up!  Go somewhere or do something that reminds you of summertime when you were a kid – read a book (or series), visit a place that has meaning, make that recipe you couldn’t get enough of, watch the show or movie you know all the words to, or listen to that CD you wore out.  It can be whatever brings back those awesome summer memories!

Before we dive into the deets, let’s check out the awesome ladies who are playing hosts this summer:
The ladies bringing you your link up are: Love From HomeCharleston Crafted, Tarnished Silver, Jo, My Gosh!, Homemade Ocean, and Hungry Janey!

Now the deets!

Link Up Schedule:
TODAY!  Link your blog up below and let us know you’re on board!  We want to where to be looking for those awesome summer memories.
JULY 1ST, AUGUST 1ST, SEPTEMBER 1ST  Visit the co-hosts on the 1st of each month of the summer for a fresh link up where you can share your Summer of My Youth blog post – tell us what you’ve done, where you’ve gone, how you’re reliving summertime.  You can do all three months or just link up one – the choice is up to you!


Link Up Rules:
1. Follow the co-hosts!
2. Link up your blog! You only need to link up to ONE co-host to be linked to all!
3. Get started on recreating your childhood.
4. Come back July 1st to link up your ‘Summer of My Youth’ post with us!

Written by Christina and Tim