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Blogging has consumed our lives… Blogging for breakfast, blogging for lunch, and blogging for dinner.  I really had no idea what to expect when we bought our first domain name.  Once we decided upon a name it has been a whirlwind of blog posts.  At this point, everything we do is blog related, but in the best way possible. Except for on weekends of course, those are still ours…for now.

We decided a long time ago that we needed a way for our friends and family to check in on the things we do and see what we do every day, no matter how boring it may be.  We did not expect everything that went into maintaining a blog.

Since we have been at this for a whole month now I wanted to fill you in on the work that we put in every day.  Hopefully, this will give everyone just one-tenth of an idea of how much goes into preparing a blog post and getting it ready for the inter-webs.  Early on, we choose to each take a role.  Since I am not much of a writer I chose the more technical, web design, layout, NERDY aspect of it all.  In addition, I was forced chose to take on the semi-professional photographer role.

We spend most of the time taking photos, posing for photos, editing photos, and re-taking photos when we don’t have the shot we need.  Christina does all of the wonderful, funny, witty writing that you folks get to enjoy every day (this really is Tim and I really did write that).   I do take part in all of the writing though by proof-reading and correcting all of the errors, and trust me there are many errors.  I had to get a jab in there somewhere so her head would stop swelling.

Then it is time for the layout, this includes the resizing of everything, inserting all of links for any product or reference we use, and placing FB and Pinterest links.  Once everything is in place and has been looked at one million times it gets published.  Ok so that doesn’t sound like much work, but when was the last time you resized and edited 60 photos.

We really do enjoy blogging and keeping everyone in the loop with all of the fun stuff we do.  We stay up very late to make sure everyone gets a laugh the next morning.  We really do appreciate everyone who reads even just one post.  In conclusion, thank you everyone for being with us for the first month and reading our blog.  We will have many more posts to come and hope you will stick with us through the years and we will do our best to keep you entertained.


Written by Christina and Tim