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A patriotic pair....

Posted by Christina // 8 Replies

I admitted yesterday that the Fourth of July is not my favorite holiday.

There is one part of Independence celebrations that I love…besides the beer….is getting dressed up in the red, white, and blue.

Tim and I went “window-shopping” where the windows were just new tabs on the screen I stared at for way too long, and these were our creations.  Tim thinks his is a little too risque for the blog, but I say let’s just be real.  We like slightly naughty jokes, remember. our fourth outfit

I like to keep things simple with a quirky tee and white pants destined for BBQ sauce tradgedies.  The aviators are a no-brainer….classic American thanks to Tom Cruise.  While I don’t own Toms, I think they would just be the cutest for summer boating (when I pretend that boating is something I do).  Add some pretty red nails and a koozie with the good stuff and I am sure to have a good time.

I am so happy that Tim has not jumped on the flat-bill bandwagon, he still prefers the classy golf hat and of course the only choice is a Cardinals hat.  This shirt is a little mature, but I feel like we could pass it off to kiddos as a real warning…especially since everyone knows how terrified I am of popping-fire-boom-noise-in-your-face.  Tim loves the plain shorts, so yea that is that and then some sweet white Converse kicks aching for some grass stains.

Are you keeping it casual for the Fourth or sporting that sweet summer dress?
Do you love shirts that make people giggle?
What are your Fourth of July plans?

Written by Christina and Tim