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I know I said the other day that I am not a fan of May.

I’m now eating my words after late night Twitter chatter with Jenna Stratman & Kasey Lucas.  Those girls are always on top on deals and insanely cute merch.

The deal was too good not to check out…50% off of cute notebooks.  I am a sucker for a good deal and a bigger sucker for cute paper, so I spent the next twenty minutes sprint-creating two journals.  I wasn’t sure how long the 50% off code would last because site said it was only good that day.

I don’t think I have ever shopped that fast in my life.  “Who needs a cart…straight to check out.  Wait I need another, continue shopping…do I need gifts for anyone…no time have to check out now now now”.  I probably broke a sweat but I was too excited to notice.

It was a deal.  So we tweeted out our love and affection to the company.
And then…a frugal girl miracle.  They extended the sale until this Sunday.

Naturally, I have to share this great news with you.
Meet May Designs. MAY DESIGNS Now meet all of my new notebooks…. Notebooks from May Designs Just kidding, kind of.  I did order a couple of them but I mainly just had fun going through the endless options.  There are so many different patterns and colors, it is like Disneyland for doodlers.

These notebooks are so cute I would gladly pay full price, but since they are half off I will just order double!

Have you found any amazing deals lately?
Are you a notebook collector too?
Did you see May Designs on Good Morning America?

Written by Christina and Tim