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It’s finally Friday…hopefully this weekend all of our projects won’t get rained out.

If they do, then I will be spending my day browsing Arcadia Graphic’s Etsy shop.  These prints and posters are sure to leave a smile on your face.  As I scrolled through her shop the prints just kept getting better and better.  If you can read these and not crack a smile, well then I am impressed. arcadia graphic My favorite is probably the Llama, but it is hard to choose just one!  I think the tent would be perfect on our “adventure” frame wall.  If I ever actually get to it.

In other blog greatness… caitlin wilson Clearly I love all things nautical but Caitlin Wilson just sends me overboard with all of her gorgeous textiles.  I love the bright colors, I adore all the anchors, I need it all. all that glitters Speaking of sea loves…someone convince me that this girl is not a mermaid.  I need a gold dress and a beach astat, and maybe liposuction or something.  I just think this is one of those dreamy pictures that I wish I was in. lovely indeed Timothy loves The Princess Bride, and the first time he forced me to watch it he kept repeating this line.  I knew as soon as I showed it to him he would want it printed and on the wall immediately, I was correct.  You can print yours too by visiting Lovely Indeed.  That girl always has cute freebies. vitamini handmade Who knew a fan could capture my heart.  It is just so sweet and vintage looking and makes me want to go spray paint crazy.

What “good things” did you find this week?
Have you seen The Princess Bride?
Who else likes to pretend they are a mermaid?

Written by Christina and Tim

Funny little story about the word two.  Or too, or to.
Or tew.

When T and I started dating we used to bond over our friends incorrect usage of the word to.  We ended up making up our own word that applies to all forms of the word to.  We now use “tew” for everything and my phone even auto-corrects the normal versions of to, too, and two to tew.  Way too many tew’s.  So if you ever get a text or email from me, please don’t think I am totally out of my mind.  My phone just gets me, and all my inside jokes.

Now onto the fun stuff….like my newest obsession. clearly I am in love I don’t need to explain why I am head over eels-pun intended-in love with these beautiful dishes? No, I didn’t think so.  The pottery over at Cephalopod Ink is bright & fun and of course showcase all the lovelies in the sea.

Speaking of lovely sealife….check out these little cuties. designsponge Design Sponge took a little collection of clam shells and made them adorable reminders of seaside days by turning them into candles.  Putting this on my to-do list for sure, I got a sweet little Maine clam shell that needs some jazzing up. housebeautiful Okay, this week is very fishy….but I mean what do you really expect.

The nautical kids room featured in House Beautiful is beyond cute.  The colors they used not your typical nautical style, but I think it is fresh and perfect for chitlins bright personalities.  But white carpet?  Who are we kidding here?

I wish my bunk beds would have been that cool when I was growing up. goinghometoroost You already know we love our animals, but now Bonnie from Going Home to Roost showed me how to kick the love into overdrive with a bunch of custom pet portraits.  I see stuffed puppies in our couches future.

Did you all do anything fun this week?
Tell me about it.

Written by Christina and Tim

You should know by now that anything I see even remotely nautical makes my heart go pitter patter.  Gimmie a lobster and I am done for.

So imagine my surprise and delight when this…. il_570xN_383545953_q9vn turned into this…. PILLOW HEAVEN How gorgeous are all of those pillows.  Jolie Marche has like…every animal you can imagine plastered all over beautiful pillows.  I can just imagine our bedroom now, overflowing with these pillows. I might even jump on one of them and sing, “Under the Sea”.  Darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter take it from me.  I dare you not to have that song stuck in your head now. instawall Holy ahmazing.  Elsie made a repeating pattern of her favorite instagram photos and plastered them all over her office walls.  What a beautiful tribute to the everyday lovely.  I love it….I love it a lot. juicin queen

Seems like everyone is jumping on the juicing train…I’m all about it so chooo choooo.  I really want to start adding more veggies than fruit, since the last thing I need is more sugar in my system.  Here are some great tips and the prettiest pictures, time to start hoarding jars. lace hoodie Ohhhh Emma, you make everything look so easy.  Taking an old hoodie and making it sassy and fresh by replacing the tattered front with some dainty lace.  You had me at sassy.

What did you find out there this week?

Written by Christina and Tim

What inspires me....

Posted by Christina // 4 Replies

I have been finding so many amazing photos and quotes lately I decided to put them all in one place.

Ala inspiration. Without sounding like a Christmas cheese ball I will attempt to sum up my munchkin sized inspiration board.

Obviously a lot of it revolved around the deep blue sea and all that inhabits it, unfortunately I couldn’t find a good mermaid photo.  Can someone get on that please.

I love the bright colors, a boost that gives you a kick in the bum.

Tim and I want to get anchor tattoos eventually…he just doesn’t know yet.

Sometimes I feel like I am getting caught in a giant life net, I only wish it was that pretty.  I am trying to remember not to “sink in a shot glass” or be too dramatic.  It is a work in progress that is for sure.

I need some blinged out starfish in my life, where can I buy those?

I want a jellyfish tank so bad I can taste it….yummmm mulberry jelly.

A lonely little seashell braving the beautiful sea, need I say more.

Are you gagging yet?  Ok so I really just think it is all pretty.

What is inspiring you lately?

Written by Christina and Tim

All of my friendlies are having babies.

But you knew that, because I told you here.  I do not have kids on the agenda, which I told you here.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t be inspired by all the baby making going on.  Don’t get any ideas boytoy.

I’m just saying that I do enjoy looking at all of your pin boards chock full of nursery goodness.


I’m so inspired that I am going to create a nursery mood board for our fictional twins.  Because in a perfect world you would knock a boy AND girl out in one try.

So while I am probably giving both of our mothers heart palpitations right now, I present our baby rooms.  And no, we are not expecting.  Double negatives means I’m serious.

So get off the “you’re next” bus y’all, I don’t drink the kool-aid.

Okay…you can call me predictable on this one.  Gray will be the last name so the color is a given, and hello look around…we are kind of obsessed with all things that live in saltwater.

I feel like a lot of this you could DIY…specifically buying a used crib and painting it navy.  Making a cute fishie mobile and if you are really brave, I bet you could make that boat.

The awesome crib is so different from your typical white or brown.  I love it, and it’s so nautical, so I’m lusting.

The paint….Gray of course is Benjamin Moore’s, Graytint.

I think the mobile is such a sweet take on something that can be totally tacky.  I would love to paint it a bright glossy red and let my baby dream of sweet whales singing to him all night long.  Maybe I will put on whale songs.

The gorgeous jute rug is a really good way to bring in texture and curves.  Who knew a rug could be so spicy.

The bedding is my favorite.  It’s patriotic and ocean-esque but still classic and best of all it doesn’t have ducks on it.

The clock and rocking boat are fun ways to incorporate a theme into the room and make it feel cohesive and fun.  I woulda killed for one of those boats to cruise around in.

Overall, I would say our non-existent baby boy will be quite a catch.  Ok that was cheesy, but as long as he doesn’t think having a sailor room means he can talk like one….I’ll be a happy mama.

Not what you expected eh?  Who does blue and green in a girls room you say…..we do.  Little miss will inevitably love mermaids, so call me a psychic when I say her colors are sea foam green, coral, and oyster pearl blue.

My favorite thing in the whole room is the Ombre Curtains.  I know it’s a big fad right now, but the ruffles make it so girly and they really do remind me of the ocean.

Like the post before, a plain ol’ crib is not going to cut it.  So I went with this freaking adorable coral crib.

The picture frame is made of seashells and of course this imaginary kids room will be full of photo shoot memories.  I also love the print that says, “The World is Your Oyster”.  It is indeed little merbaby.

And isn’t the light fixture incredible?  I am really putting it on my Christmas list.  I’m a planner you know!

The paint is none other than Behr’s, Seafoam Pearl.

Talk about some stylin and profilin kiddos.  Can I just remind you that I am not pregnant and this was just for fun, mmkay thanks!

Written by Christina and Tim