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I mentioned yesterday that we went treasure hunting last weekend.  Tomorrow I am going to share all of our fun finds but I had to show you my favorite quick update.

When I saw this gem of a glass-platter-thingy…seriously what are these called…I knew it had to come home with me.  I love picking up pieces like this because the options are endless. my-estate-sale-treasure She’s a looker right.  With her sweet old country quilt scene.  I considered gold leafing the plate and staining the wood, but decided on a more fun approach. how-i-remade-the-pretty-platter I put a quick coat of Pantone’s color of the year around the base and then cut out a cool piece of graphic scrapbook paper.  I intended to glue it down but then decided that I would love it more if I could change it up with just a paper cutout.  Just look at her makeover. before-and-after-of-apocathary-makeover Have you done any quick updates?
Will you ever get sick of Emerald?
What is that thing called seriously?

Written by Christina and Tim

Remember when I said you would be seeing some ch-ch-ch-changes around these parts?

I am not sure if you have noticed….but…. Who remembers coming home from school and cheering on the girl who got picked on in high school who is oh-so-hot now in her skimpy leather jumpsuit.  That was my jam…of the peach variety.

So I called in the faithful Jenny to do a switcheroo on my little ol’ blog.  And by Jenny I mean Photoshop and Redbull.  I mean if we learned anything from those makeovers it’s that they are hard work, amirite?

There will still be some changes and tweaking, lots of it actually.
But what do you think so far?

Written by Christina and Tim