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It’s that time again…for us to round up all of our favorite things.  If only we could give them away to everyone.  “You get a boat, and you get a boat, and YOU get a boat”.  Maybe one day.

Say wasssup to my favorite things.  Feel free to stick your tongue out and shake. august-favorite-things-hers 1.  You already know all about my trip to Haven.  Clearly that is the highlight of my August…I am already counting down to next year.  Now I can officially call myself a Haven Maven, and I like it.  In fact that may be my first borns name.

2.  When I was preparing for the conference I knew I would get sweaty (if we talked and I was glistening, I am sorry it’s just who I am).  Then I worried makeup would just melt off my face and I would never make any friends.  Upon a tip from Cara, I bought this primer from Benefit.  In love.  I did indeed sweat, but this primer held its ground right there on my face.  I was warned from the Ulta girls that it can clog your pores and make you break out, so there is that if you don’t wash your face on the regular.  Which I don’t….so when I am cursing breakouts remind me of this convo.

3.  Just go to weddinggawker.com today, and try to spend less than five minutes on that site.  It was hailed as the “Pinterest just for weddings” so I avoided it like the plague until there was a ring on it.  Now it’s a different story, if only I had more hours in a day.

4.  I have been really wanting to start rocking the head scarf.  Particularly on days when maybe shampoo (even of the dry variety) didn’t make it onto my head.  I have watched some videos on how to make it look effortless, but I always think they look funny on my head.  Maybe I will order this one and try again.

5.  I guess it is a good thing that I am obsessed with our new business cards.  It sure would be a shame if I wasn’t.  Thanks to Moo.com for always keeping it classy.

6.  Remember when I threw up the great bag debate on Facebook?  Well, I mixed it up and blended my favorite bag and my favorite color and got the Missy Mint.  So far I am really digging it, super functional and lots of compliments come my way when I sport it.  Get you one. august-favorite-things-his 1.  I am not a country fan.  At least I wasn’t until Christina reset my presets.  Now I find myself wandering over to our local stations and singing along.  One of my favorite songs right now is Round Here from Florida Georgia Line, and Christina laughs every time it comes on because I can sing every word.

1.5  The shows above are just a few of my favorites that sucked me in while my fiancé was partying it up in Atlanta.  I will admit I am sometimes a reality junkie, which you should know since I already talk about Duck Dynasty and Ink Master and etcetera and so on.

2.  Recently, I bought a few banana plants and while at the local nursery I picked up some of this stuff.  Which is probably why our plants turned into monsters.  They are growing like crazy, which makes me proud of my ladies gardening skills and happy I spent the money on plant food.

3.  Is there anything that says “late-summer” like sunflower seeds?  Nope, there’s not.  Fun fact:  I actually used sunflower seeds to quit smoking five years ago.  Instead of reaching for a smoke, I grabbed a couple of sunflower seeds and broke the habit cold turkey.  Best decision I ever made.

4.  I had heard talk about ASAP Utilities from Christina and her co-workers but always just thought I would have no use for it.  If you use Microsoft Excel on the regular then you should go download the free trial and just play around.  It’s basically shortcuts for all the tedious things you do in Excel.  Just try it, you will thank us later I promise.

5.  This was part of the Haven swag that my girl brought home for me.  I swear it was like Christmas in her suitcase when she got back.  I have been playing around with the Kreg Jig and can’t wait to tackle a big project.  Wish we would have had one of these when we built the planters.

What are some of your favorites?
What are your favorite shows?
Do you get sweaty when you get excited?

Written by Christina and Tim

Hey everyone, thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday!  You sure know how to make a girl feel warm and fuzzy.  You da, you da best.

Speaking of the best…I have so many things I am gushing over lately.  With the weather turning and T wanting to spend more time outdoors, it finally feels like a new season.  The season of beach towels and mosquitoes, here are some of my June favorites. hers 1.  I go through sunglasses like Miss Swift goes through boyfriends.  I love the dainty, vintage, “bug-eyed” sunglasses of yore.  These are just my style, until I lose them.  Or sit on them.  Or Asti steals them.

2.  Ohhhh beach towels, my summer weakness.  I am a little particular when it comes to my beach towels.  I like them very long and extra wide, enough to wrap around me twice.  I like them soft and plush, colorful and fun.  This one meets all of those requirements and more.

3.  This facewash showed up in my Birchbox a couple of months ago, I recently put it in the shower and started using it every couple of days.  Wow.  My face is so soft and all those stupid little bumps that aren’t quite zits are disappearing.  I even talked T into trying it, and now we have to throw down for a jumbo quart of it.  I hope they make it that big!

4.  Tis the season right?  This summer I finally got an aloe plant.  I have very fond memories of my gramma slathering aloe straight from her plant on all my boo-boos and sunburns.  I thought it was time I had a plant of my own.  Gramma would be proud.

5.  Mosquitoes love me.  Seriously, if there is a blood-sucker within a twenty-foot radius….they try to eat me alive.  So if you guess that my summer perfume has a hint of citronella you’d be spot on.  These candles are adorable, don’t come in a bright yellow tin, and keep the bugs away.  Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

6.  Gwynnie Bee is an online clothing rental company for girls that have some curves.  I love wearing dresses and hate buying them because I think you can only wear them ever so often.  Now black pants…I can wear those every single day without anyone noticing.  My kelly green wrap dress, not-so-much.  I love that they have so many options, and that they are flattering when you aren’t a size 2.  Not hating on you teeny girls, you rock those cute dresses that my boobs won’t fit in!  On top of having cute clothes delivered to your door, they even let you try the service for a month.  My month is almost up and I am seriously bumming!

Take it away Timbo…. HIS 1.  Christina’s mom got her a huge bag of fruit tootsies, and I have been chowing down.  I told her I was just checking to make sure they are all fresh.

2.  Ever since my girlfriend made me switch out a few of our lights for CFLs I have been changing them out left and right.  When we go to Lowe’s I pick up a pack and try switching out one room at a time.

3.  One day we grabbed a bottle of this pre-made margarita from Costco and now it is our go-to summer drink.  No more measuring out the alcohol and having a sticky mess while pouring shots.  Not to mention that after a cup or two of this, you will be feeling pretty loose.

4.  With all the yard work we have done, this pickaxe has become my go-to tool.  The previous owners of our home had an affection for rock and concrete, and thanks to them I am getting some serious muscles.

5.  My favorite hat.  I have had it forever and still love it.

6.  Christina sent me this article from Single Dad Laughing.  This guy is hilarious, and it is nice to find other bloggers on my side of the gender fence.  Would you believe that I never read blogs until I met Christina.

7.  I really want a bike.  I really want to cut some trails.  I really want to be outside.  I really need a helmet.

What have you all been digging this month?


Written by Christina and Tim

His + Hers May favorites

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May is not one of my favorite months.

No crazy holiday to pretty up the mantel for.  Awkward weather.  Allergies taking over my life.  A general yearning for my birth month and overall feeling of impatience.

I think it is always around this time where I realize, “holy bageesh the year is flying by me” and “I guess my New Years resolutions are pretty much kaput”.

Can you turn May around for me?  Help me look on the bright side of May?

Here are a few bright spots I found this month. her may favorites 1.  My impatience to get to summer is helped along by immersing myself with sunshiney smells.  I love Bath & Body Works summer collections which I buy on sale in fall.  Forgive my “so-last-season” scents but right now my favorites are Coconut Water and Frosted Tangerine Cake.  They smell like suntan lotion and heaven, a deadly combination.

2.  There isn’t a whole lot I like more than a good furniture makeover.  No one has mastered gorgeous renovations quite like Barb Blair, and now she is sharing the goodness in her new book.  I am most definitely using jazz hands while I flip through the pages it is just that good.

3.  This is the epitome of summer for me.  My mom used to slather it on us as a “bug spray” while we were chittlins and now anytime I smell it I am immediately transported to picnics and outdoor concerts and float trips.  Skin So Soft is pretty much my summertime perfume.  Don’t judge me for kicking it old school.

4.  Whitney from I Wore Yoga Pants introduced me to the great KiKi LaRue.  I am not sure if I should thank her or kick her in the shins (out of love obviously) for my bank account troubles I am bound to have in the near future.  Cute stuff, for reasonable prices….what more does a girl need?

5.  I happened across Maiedae after happening across Jenny Highsmith.  I fell hard and fast for their blogs and designs.  I may or may not even be getting a blog redesign as we speak read.

6.  Thanks to happening upon Maiedae, I happened upon the Maiedae Mixer.  I couldn’t be more excited to take a roadtrip with Trisha of Black & White Obsession to mingle with all the fanciness this event is sure to offer.  I am counting down the days and desperately trying to find an “ethereal outfit”.  Help! his may favorites 1.  I am really picky about my socks.  As in these are the only socks I will wear.  They never look dirty, and the “grip” on the middle makes it so you never have sock-bunching at the toe, plus they always stay dry.

2.  I have never put much thought into business cards, until my girlfriend started asking a ton of questions.  What sheen?  What thickness?  Do you want a photo on it?  How about a QR code?  This is like the accessory of running a business.  Thank goodness Moo.com makes it so easy and all of their products are high quality.  We just got our first set in and Christina is already matching handbags and drawing up plans for business card holders.

3.  We have been outside a lot lately.  I always like to make sure my skin is protected so I don’t turn into leather.  I have seen those old ladies who tan too much, it is not pretty.  This sunscreen stays put and is easy to apply, perfect for guys.  Protect your skin friends.

4.  Want to feel old?  Seinfeld’s series finale was fifteen years ago as of yesterday.  Luckily, I can still follow @Seinfeldtoday.

5.  I am trying really hard to drink less sugar and more water.  I hate water.  Enter Mio.  It’s great light flavor makes boring water more bearable even if Tracy Morgan is not.

6.  Ahhhh The Bagster.  My homie for life.  A great investment.  I will be posting all about it tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

Is May your favorite month?
Found anything fantastic lately?
How do I dress ethereal, fo real?

Written by Christina and Tim

This post was planned for the 15th, until the sickness brought me down.  Thanks for all the well wishes, it made my day a little brighter.  Kind of like Spring.

Spring makes Tim and I so excited, birds start singing and tulips start blooming.  Sure I can’t see anything through my watery eyes and people look at me funny when I can’t stop sneezing but it is all worth it to see new life peeking out of my surroundings.  Every year baby bunnies take up habitat in our back yard, so it would be impossible not to love this season even if I am an Allegra addict for a couple of months.

Allegra didn’t make our favorite things list, check back next month when we are knee-deep in pollen and mold.

I thought I would let my boyfran-man take the lead this time, just like salsa lessons. HIS 1.  Earlier this month Christina brought home a dog-approved birthday cake for our 12-year-old pit bull from Treats Unleashed.  They were enamoured with the cake and then we introduced them to Cheeburger treats.  They will do pretty much anything we ask to get their grubby little paws on those treats.  Two paws way up from this family.

2.  We used to use the pink Gain (look I am a guy, that is all I know) but a couple of weeks ago we picked up a new scent.  Can we help it if we are always drawn to anything with “ocean” “sea” “nautical” or “beach” in the title.  We really lucked out with Gain Ocean Escape, it smells amazing.  Enough said.

3.  I bought this Scott’s Sprayer a few years ago, and I bust it out every spring to spray our whole house for bugs without hand cramps.  As a bonus I also use it to kill all our weeds.  I just mix up my magic potions and spray away and since it is so easy, I am more likely to do it.

4.  I bought Ocean Nutrition’s Formula One Flakes to feed in between our feedings so that our fish don’t starve to death.  I am working on a post to show what goes into just feeding our tank….hint: it is a lot more than flake food.  Our fish seem to like it and I feel good about diversifying their diet.

5.  Christina enters blog giveaways like it is her job, most days she emails me links so I can enter also.  We never win, until Lauren held a giveaway for Monorail Studios.  You should have seen the chair dance when she found out she won, but then she did something totally unexpected.  She gave me her prize.  Expect to see that shirt real soon, she had ulterior motives. hers 1.  My new go-to photo app is AfterLight.  I love how easy it is to edit your photos, add cute filters and frames, and post to dang near all social mediums.  I use it almost everyday so it was worth all 99 pennies.

2.  At the beginning of this year I bought a five year diary.  I love keeping journals, but never have “time” to write in them.  This is so simple, one sentence every night.  I can’t wait until five years down the road when I can look and see what I was doing on April 17th for the last few years.  Sure I can’t get all “dear diary” in there but it is just enough to give the important snipits that I may otherwise forget.

3.  What is Spring without an adorable umbrella.  I always love Vera Bradleys patterns to brighten up a gloomy day.

4.  Lately my cuticles have been putting up a fight, a dry crackly fight.  After a tip from a local beauty queen, I have started putting cuticle oil on every night before bed.  Since you don’t wash your hands and touch “stuff” all day it allows the oil to really soak in and do it’s job.

5.  Be still my heart, have you ever seen a more perfectly charming shoe?  Seriously, I can’t stop staring at the new Kate Spade line of Keds.  I need every single pair, on my feet, at once.

Written by Christina and Tim

His and Hers - February

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We couldn’t resist throwing our favorite things out a day early in order to go all Valentiney on y’all.  And by me I totally mean me, myself, and I.

Tim was not as excited when I told him he needed to come up with his favorite Love-themed things…but he did it.  And once it was all together he was so excited that he gave me my V-day present early!

I let him put you on the D.L.
Dad, that means down low….and it’s like secrets and stuff. fellers

1.  Sea Salt Caramel Brownies – need I say more.
Wait I will say this, please make more.

2.  Anyone that knows me knows that I am a loyal Nike consumer.  In fact while writing this we counted five Nike products on my body, including my glasses.  So go figure I would jazz up my shocks with a little holiday color.  Then they can work overtime at Christmas.

3.  Any good guy has to know how to put a little work in.  The Notebook is a sure thing, after all the tears of course.  I usually opt for a little Phil Collins karaoke, she digs it.

4.  I have been feeling the “steampunk” look lately and what better way to show off your mushiness than with an anatomically correct heart belt, right?

5.  The secret to life is to smell good.  People just like you if you smell good.  Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male is Christina’s favorite, can’t argue with that.

6.  Does this need an explanation?  This is the most festive man shirt you will find. ladies 1.  Isn’t it a rule that you have to smell sweet on dates?  It should be, I feel like Romance is the perfect choice for obvious reasons.

2.  How cute is that dress from ModCloth.com.  I have this weird obsession with cloths from the 1940’s-60’s….I don’t wear them but I always wish I would have grown up then so we could wear dresses everyday.

3.  Do you remember Louise from Sex and the City the movie?  St. Louis representin.  She always carried her “love” with her….I feel a little piece of me was jealous.  I don’t know if it was due to Jennifer Hudson’s amazing transformation, or the cute love key chain but I need both.

4.  Bling it up….always.  Especially on V-day.  I am not the biggest fan of the heart shape, but these are perfect for the occasion.

5.  I can’t tell you enough how much I love this nail polish!  I wear it plain, I layer it over teals and blacks and other pinks….I love love love it.  You simply can’t go wrong with pink glitter, period.

6.  I am all about accessorizing these days, and this adorable heart bracelet could jazz up any basics.

7.  I am truly smitten with this bag, it is actually from Kate Spade’s bridal collection and I imagine it is even more beautiful in person.  It looks so soft and romantic, if I ever get rich then I will buy them for everyone okay.

Written by Christina and Tim

For anyone new on the block, we do a little collection of our favorite things in the middle of every month.

Here is what my manfriend has discovered and loved during sweet November.

 1.  So they sucked me in by telling me that someone hits it big.  It is that little explorer in all of us that makes me want to sell everything and drag Christina to Alaska.  Until I can convince her that she can befriend that furniture builder blogger (geesshh he is talking about Ana White y’all…the disrespect…sorry Ana) then I will just have to pull for Parker.

2.  We actually just bought this Sigma 10-20mm lens and in the two weeks we have had it, I think I’ve used it everyday.  It has given us so much more freedom with it’s super wide lens so that we can include more in our pictures.  Christina says, “she is thankful not to have to stand so far away”.

3.  I actually just found hootsuite.com through John and Sherry’s blogiversary post.  It manages all of your social media in one place so that you don’t miss a tweet or mention.  One of those things that once you have it you think, “how did I ever survive with out this?”

4.  Thanks to my girlfriend draggin me up to Chicago at all hours of the night for this trip, I have found a new store.  West Elm put on such a great event for the Young House Love Book Tour.  The people were awesome but the real showstopper was all the cool stuff.  The products they sell are “pretty” enough for ladies to fawn over them and “cool” enough for guys to actually like.  As opposed to a lot of floral towels we almost came home with from other stores, West Elm had a lot of really awesome things that I would have gladly taken home.  Like this fox ornament.

5.  I know I am jumping on a rather old bandwagon, but I finally got on Twitter.  This is for all of my friends that think it is silly, it is like an all-of-your-favorite-things news station.  If you like sports, then it can be all sports updates.  Gamers can find out when there are new releases.  I can find the sweet corals and deals on lights.  You follow who you want so it is all things that interest you.  Pretty great concept if you ask me.

6.  Oh man, I saw a commercial for an Orange Julius and it is all I can think about lately.  Christina said she is finding a homemade recipe on Pinterest and I can’t wait.  Orange Julius’ for everyone.

1.  Tis the season….for bringing your famous dish.  So I say do it with syle.  These adorable casserole warmers are so cute and if you are a really good friend I think they make an awesome hostess gift.

2.  I can not get enough of all things peppermint.  Peppermint hot chocolate, peppermint candy canes, peppermint bark.  I love it all, it really gets me in the holiday spirit.  Yes, I am already putting on the pressure to get our tree and lights up.  On top of being oh so tasty, I think this packaging from Williams Sonoma is super vintage and sweet.

3.  I know most people love summer, but I love pretty coats.  So by default I have to like the colder months.  This lovely mustard coat is a steal and I imagine all the possibilities of jazzing it up with scarfs and mittens.  Imagine throwing this on with boots, you don’t even have to brush your hair because you already look fashionable.

4.  Like I said, tis the season.  You will inevitably have leftovers.  Instead of giving out your good Tupperware and hoping for it back, or wrapping leftovers in foil…why not give them to your guests in these cute little containers by Think Garnish.

5.  You knew this would make the list, right?  I am emersed right this very minute in the words and projects of the Petersiks.  Go get a copy, you won’t regret it.

What are your November needs?  Do you love you some riding boots?  Can’t get enough of that pumpkin candle?  I love hearing about new stuff so lay it on me.

Written by Christina and Tim