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The other day T and I decided to take a little stroll though the flooring aisle at our local hardware store…you know…for fun.

We have big dreams of replacing all of our flooring with gorgeous hardwood floors, you know when we hit the lottery.  Since we bought a lotto ticket that day we figured we might as well start planning.  Somehow we wound up in the tile aisle, more dreaming.

Only this time, we did more than dream.
We picked out tile.

For two years all Tim has talked about is updating the bedroom bathroom.  For two years I have pushed project after project in front of that bathroom because it was so overwhelmingly grimey in there that I was just more comfortable closing the door and whispering about our “problem child” behind its back. before Well, bedroom bathroom…your time has come. you think its not that bad I know it isn’t covered in Pepto pink tile and shag carpet, but it is definitely outdated and ready for some upgrades.  Not to mention, the dirt.  We have tried so hard to scrub that shower tile clean to no avail, scrubbed so hard that we decided it’s easier to just replace it. the problem areas Can we talk about towel bars for a moment.  They are everywhere in this house.  Above every toilet.  In every shower.  Across from the toilet and on the doors.  We don’t even have enough towels to keep them all stocked.  Combine them with the soap dishes and toothbrush holders of yesteryear and you have a whole lotta tile fixin.  these silly bars  All of that tile fixin made T very angry.  He channeled his inner Lou Ferrigno and busted out the whole bathroom in under three hours. knocking walls down Tim’s parents had stopped by to bring us an exercise bike, and they decided to get in on the fun.  Thank goodness for family. let the games begin Now our bathroom looks a little something like this. now our bathroom looky like this Tomorrow I will be sharing a little inspiration for the new look.

Have you ever renovated a bathroom?
Share some tips, we are all ears.

Written by Christina and Tim