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I have had a pain in my side for a couple of months now.  Could be my appendix, could be a cyst, could be gas.  I don’t know because I have avoided getting the ultrasound my doctor ordered in September.

It’s usually always “nothing” right?  It would be a waste of time and money to get it checked out….I am sure it’s nothing.  That was my excuse until I listened to someone I love make the same excuses.  I spent all weekend trying to convince that loved one to go to the doctor while hiding the fact that I’ve put it off even longer than she has.

Got a tooth hurting?  Just wait until you can’t even eat before you go to the dentist.
Feeling stuffy?  Oh just wait until it’s full-blown bronchitis…no biggie.

Well, I am ready to make a change.  A virtual “putting down of the foot” for my health.  I’m hoping it will convince my loved one, and maybe one or two of you to do the same. get a checkup You got it, I am making my appointment today.  On top of getting the dreaded ultrasound, I may actually go to the dentist as well.

Do you put off going to the doctor?
Any self-diagnosers addicted to WebMed like me?
What do you do in the waiting room?

Written by Christina and Tim