Have you heard the word....

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Today I decided to take the day off, so of course that meant an all-day Pinfest.

Imagine my surprise when they told me about my secret boards, say what?

So you are telling me I know have more boards to fill?
Holy awesomesauce.

Tim better watch out, now there will be some serious secret birthday party planning going on!  I’m thinking unicorn theme.

Have you all found your secret boards yet?
What do you think?
What will your three boards be?

If you haven’t found them yet, they should be at the bottom of your profile.
You get three so plan accordingly pinaddicts.

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Written by Christina and Tim

4 thoughts on “Have you heard the word….

    1. Christina Post author

      Yea buddy! I am just too excited to secretly plan my wedding and babies with Tim muuwahwahwah! Is it weird that I felt like I had to make three and I couldn’t just leave them until I had a good use for them? I made one for future blog topics too and I am super excited about that one.

      T if you read this I am joking about the wedding and babies (kinda)


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