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But no double-dipping.

I wanted to share one of my new favorite go to snacks, because you all deserve to know about this deliciousness.

Bonus:  It’s stupidly simple.

First, you go buy this little jar of goodness.

Tim and I somehow were lucky enough to be at Schnucks when they were giving out samples of the tastiness above.

Now, we are hooked.  Suckers.  It’s just so easy.

All we do is get a brick of Cream Cheese.  We buy the diet kind cream cheese so that my thighs don’t start looking like the Mars photos they are sending back.  Anyways, brick of cream cheese and spread this dip right over the top of it.

Then, this is the tricky part…you dip a cracker in it.

It is so tasty, very sweet although it doesn’t look as good as it tastes.  In fact, my tip is don’t stir it up until you have tried it or you may not eat it.  Not exactly Top Chef worthy on the visual aspect but it will make your taste buds sing with glee.

You’re welcome.

Written by Christina and Tim