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Hope everyone has a very safe and spooky Halloween tonight….don’t get in too much trouble.

We nicknamed the little dog “bugs” so it was only appropriate that we all dress up like insects.  She called dibs on being a spider.  I dressed up like a bumble bee for those in back.  And, well Taj ripped his ladywings off…but he started out as a ladybug.

 Tim decided to be an exterminator, and I want that on public record in case we all end up missing.  KIDDING!

Are you peeping my pumpkin…I am so obsessed that all I cared about in this picture was that my pumpkin make an appearance.  Do I care that me little spider is being poisoned right behind me, apparently not.  Big dog is streaking, ok but what about my pumpkin.

I chose the lumpiest, ugliest pumpkin I could find.  Then I vinyled my favorite blog’s name right onto the lady lumps and sprayed that sucker down.

Once I peeled the vinyl off, ok lets be serious…once Tim peeled the vinyl off because I had moved onto the next pumpkin…I had this masterpiece.

I got bored real quick on the second pumpkin and left poor T to do all the tedious parts.  Which I believe is why he turned my lobster into a scorpion.  Boys.

Seriously, that is a scorpion.

Is anyone else dressing up their dogs tonight?

It is a good thing she doesn’t bite….we’d be in trouble.

Have fun tonight y’all!

Written by Christina and Tim

The Great Debate....

Posted by Christina // 11 Replies

Is not over immigration or the economy, it’s over what to put above our tank. We have looked at tons of art with no compromise in sight.
We tried getting Romney & Obama’s suggestions, but apparently they are busy.

So when I started going vinyl crazy, T suggested some custom vinyl art.

We quickly settled on the quote, “Here fishy fishy” because of a laughable scene from Deuce Bigalow.

After cutting the vinyl on my Silhouette Cameo….we got started. Funny story about that laser level.  After seeing my crazy crooked application on my jars.  Please pretend you didn’t notice okay?
Tim decided that he was not leaving me to put up the vinyl…something about being impatient or in a hurry or some jazz.
So we rushed out to get a laser level.
Gotta say, one of our best investments to date.  Just wait till you see the next project it inspired.
Back to business. So what do you think?  Would you have gone with a goldfish painting?  Should we have added a fish hook, or is that just cruel?

Written by Christina and Tim

Jazzing up your jars....

Posted by Christina // 11 Replies

I have come across a lot of sweet and vintage sugar jars, and I love them.
I felt inspired.

I have a Silhouette Cameo so I can be crafty and cut vinyl, and the last few weeks I have gone vinyl crazy.  Don’t worry you will get to see them all soon, pinky promise.

Slapping it on my glass jars was at the top of my list.
If you have been feeling inspired as well, here is a little vinyl how-to for you.
Easy peesy lemon squeezy.
Each of our little jars is a star, and they are ready for their close-up.

Yes, our sense of humor may be a little perverted.  But we smile every time we gotta make koolaid now.

It’s all in good fun, anyone else tried spicing up their sugar jar lately?

Written by Christina and Tim