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Welcome back, did you have a good weekend?  Our big project got rained out….again.  We did get to squeeze in some smaller projects and I managed to surpass lobster red when I mistook bug spray for sunscreen.  Please don’t touch me, I’m sizzling.  More aloe please.

While we are on the subject of plants that heal.  I challenge you to do some planting of your own.  Yup, permission to be a tree hugger…not that you asked for it. plant a tree Did you know that 3 trees planted strategically around your home could cut energy use by 50%.  Not only are they helping you out, one acre of trees can absorb the same amount of CO2 produced by a car driven over 25,000 miles.  Not to mention they are pretty.

If every family planted a tree today, one billion pounds of CO2 would be reduced ever single year.  There are so many gorgeous trees to choose from, Tim and I are thinking we need a fruit tree or maybe a Bradford Pear.  I have always been a fan of the Dogwoods, you know it being the state tree of Missouri and all.

Have you ever planted a tree?
Have a favorite tree?
Do like breathing oxygen?

Written by Christina and Tim

Our dream tree...

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As we mentioned in this post right here, our tree is more of the sentimental type.  Full of memories and handmade ornaments.

You better believe we admire all the “pretty trees” though.

Lately I have been daydreaming of a woodsy-type sitting in our living room.
Complete with the “fresh lumberjack” scent and all. our winter woodlands Can you see an overage of burlap, lace, and white fur. 

I always see that white fur trimming at craft stores and I think it would be a perfect garland replacement.  Along with most everyone I have been admiring those bristle critter ornaments and I envision yarn balls and cotton string wrapped around our giant frosted hunk o’ tree.  Top it off with an owl and some homemade lovebird art and I think you have a woodsy wonderland.

What does your dream tree look like?

Written by Christina and Tim