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While we were in Vermont on our East Coast Road Trip our friend Sandy introduced us to Strawberry Jalapeno Margaritas.

Hello heaven.

When we got home we made it our mission to perfect the recipe.
By George, I think we have it.
So now we are sharing.

Because what better time to be sweet & spicy than now.

We love y’all so much that we’re even going to share our secret ingredient.

But first let me share the recipe with you.

Now I am going to show you how crazy easy it is….
the hardest part is waiting for the tequila to infuse.

Let me know if you try this yummy piece of heaven.  I will say though it can get quite spicy so if you are not a jalapeno type of person then maybe only throw in one quarter of the jalapeno.  Or just enjoy this joke.

Written by Christina and Tim