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Fairly certain I am coming down with something.

Not sure if it is allergies, or my first cold of the year, or just exhaustion from our crazy weekend.  But it goes a little something like this….

Constant sneezing, splitting headache, itchy desert eyes, scratchy throat thus husky voice, muscle aching, did I say splitting headache…oh ok good, dry cough, and the ability to fall asleep at my desk in 2.34 nanoseconds type exhaustion.

Let me draw you a picture.

Yea, I understand if you want to run.  I would too.

On the bright side….I have no fever.

That little piece of inspiration can be bought on the cheap right here.

When I get sick, all I want is my mama.  Yes I am a fully grown woman, but my mom is the only one who has the patience for me when I feel like this.  I need my head rubbed not naps people.

When Tim is sick he does a man-detox.  He bundles up in like forty winter blankets, drinks a lot of fluids, and just “sweats it out”.  Hogwash I tell ya.

How can guys and gals be so different?

I should write a book about how we are basically from two different planets, oh wait…that’s so nineties.

I find the best cure for this kind of sickness is a hot bath, and some sort of juice.  I don’t like tea and I am not much for soup, so I am doomed without juice.  I am off to heal myself.

Feel free to send soup…..Tim needs dinner.

Stay healthy my friends.

Written by Christina and Tim