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Ohhhh Monday…we meet again.

I’m thrilled, really.  I am.

What do you say we try to take over the world, shall we. monday matter This week is something that I absolutely needed a push on.  Internet security.  I was the girl in college that let her firewall run out and just used her computer until it shut off one day never to return again.  I never “backed up” until I met Mr. Handsome.  Really until I met Tim I was the perfect target for web creeps.

Now that I have seen these, I am stepping up my game. da truf You know your spam folder is overflowing.  All of those emails for “instant weight loss” and “income at home” and well…other unmentionables.  Some of those emails are considered phishing emails, not to be confused with catfishing.  Wink wink.  Phishing is when someone sends you an email pretending to be an established enterprise in an effort to steal your personal information.

As if we don’t have enough to worry about.  I mean I have a hard enough time organizing my free shipping coupons and tracking one-day only sales.

Here are a few quick and easy steps to help keep you safe. how to protect yourself I feel like a lot of that is common sense.  But ask me how much I actually follow.
Actually, don’t ask.  Oh the shame.

My goals today are to change passwords, cancel auto-logins, and start a habit of closing the browser.  Why does safety make life harder?

Do you have your internet habits on lock down?
Got any tips I didn’t mention?
Is your password crazy long and numerical?

Written by Christina and Tim