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When I was growing up my dad would start every new school year with a song, “School days, school days” and that’s generally all he got out before my sister and I got out a whiny, “Daaadddddddd”.

When my dad was younger, his father sang it to him and he never understood what was so exciting about the first day of school…until he had two rambunctious girls.  Then it all made sense.

While I was young we were very blessed to be able to go shopping every year for new school supplies, a new wardrobe, and sweet new kicks.  So many kids don’t have that luxury, so this year I want to help. students-running-to-school-back-to-school-backpack Tim and I are taking a backpack full of notebooks and pencils, folders and markers, rulers and pens up to a local school.  We are hoping they will find their way to the students that need them.

We are even trying to get some of our co-workers and family in on the fun.

Have you ever donated school supplies?
Have you seen some of the cute backpack choices out there?
Wish you could go back to kindergarten like I do?


Written by Christina and Tim