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I hope you all had an absolutely amazing holiday and got to spend time with your favorites while stuffing your face with cheesecakes.  Yes…that was supposed to be multiple.

To bring in the New Year we had a little get together with friends and family.  This sort of celebration called for something….like a homemade photo booth. our photobooth I will spare you all the hilarious out-takes where we tried to get the dogs to sport ‘staches but rest assured that we have renamed our dogs to Enchilada and Taquito.  It is totally fitting.

Did you all make resolutions?

I rocked last years resolution (to not talk about politics on social media…whooo wee election year fiasco) so this year it had to be something semi-attainable and somewhat realistic.  As opposed to “lose 75 pounds”. christinas2013resolution Timothy is real excited about my “bring home more bacon” resolution…he doesn’t care if that means moolah or pig butts.  As long as he gets some.

Tim’s were all pretty generic….save money, get healthy yada yada yada.
So I rearranged his list. tims2013resolution Oh yes….he needs to get on that.

What were your resolutions?


Written by Christina and Tim