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You know all those fabric scraps you have just lying around looking pretty?
I declare that we should show them off. double hoop wreath I had some Ikat fabric mocking me that had a calling as a superstar.
I love how fabrics can take on a whole new look when you wrap them. double hoop wreath supplies I scrounged around my craft stash and dug up two embroidery hoops.  I knew they would come in handy eventually, although I thought it would be for when I took the embroidery plunge.

I began by wrapping the fabric around the larger hoop, then found a complimentary fabric to wrap the smaller hoop.  Then I hit a wall.  Not a real one, although it wouldn’t surprise anyone thanks to my clutzy nature.  I wasn’t sure how to attach the two hoops.  The answer to all crafting problems is either Mod Podge or Hot Glue, can I get an Amen.

So from attaching the hoops together to bedazzling the wreath with fabric flowers my thumbs took a piping hot glue beating.

The whole thing took about an hour and now I have dreams of thousands of fabric covered wreaths hanging from our tree in the backyard.  Beckoning the birdies to perch for a minute.  That would be my happy place, until they pooped on my new Adirondack chairs.  Then I would bust the broom out and hop on the crazy train.  Choo Choo.

Have you been dreaming of bird heaven in your backyard?
DIY’d any fun projects?
What do you do with your fabric scraps?

Written by Christina and Tim

Have you ever come across a project and thought, “yup I have to do that immediately”?

That is exactly how I felt when I saw Ashley’s coasters.

If you have ever done a DIY project you probably already have ninety percent of the supplies.  Painters tape, check.  Paint, check.  Some feisty gold spray paint, check.  If you have tiles, well then you are all set.  We had to go pick up that last one, but check this out. the cost You got it, this whole project cost us a whopping thirty cents.  That is a DIY deal if I have ever seen one.  A little paint, a little patience and you get these pretty little souvenirs. best diy ever Check out the full tutorial here.

While I had all the paint out I figured I ought to spruce up some boring household items, you may have caught sneak peeks if you follow us on Facebook.  If you don’t follow us on Facebook, you should get on that…because I love getting more than crickets when I ask questions like, “who is inviting us over for dinner?”

Enough shameless self promotion, while looking around the house for things to spruce I heard a whistle.  I looked around my kitchen and then heard a yelp.  Then there was some sort of crashing boom and the refrigerator caught my eye.  Well, what once was our fridge at least.  Lately, it has become a scrapbook of sorts. we still have christmas cards up Please don’t look too closely or you will see two-year old Christmas cards, I can’t help it my friends have cute kids.  I lovingly took all those sweet cards and announcements down and tucked them in a memory box.  I also made a resolution to take down Christmas cards before the Fourth of July.  To help keep the fridge looking classy I decided our magnets needed a little makeover, I mean I already had the paint out so why not.

I took our boring silver clasp magnets (because they hold like a boss) and gave them a rocker edge.  Tim likes them because he thinks they look like little nautical flags but I say Mick Jagger would be proud. the easiest magnets youll ever make A little Frogtape, a couple thin coats of color, and voila….a whole new look. and your announcements are safe in a scrapbook I promise to keep that fridge clean and whistle at it before it has to yelp at me.

Do you have matching magnets?
Is your fridge plastered in cards and momentos?
Got any crafts for all those announcements?

Written by Christina and Tim