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After our long day in DC, we hit the road and headed to Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. There is a joke to that picture…you see, we were going to see my very best friend in Pennsylvania.  You may remember her from here.  And she says she absolutely hates when I make that face.  Here is evidence to the contrary….proudly wearing that puffer face. Beautiful photography minus funny faces by the amazing Katharine Roberds.

Yup, that’s her on her wedding day.  And now she hates me.

Incredibly, the drive from DC to PA was the only time that we hit any rain.
They called for rain almost every single day, we are just lucky I guess.

We were so happy to crash and burn with two of the coolest folks around…wait make that three.  Because Miss Katie is very pregnant.  I spent most of the time in PA with my hand on her belly being weirded out that my best friend is about to be a mom.


One more puffer face for prosperity.  Look at that pretty glowy girl that I love, pregnancy agrees with you girl that’s for sure!

Oh you thought that was it for the photoshoot….dream on….we live for this.
Feel free to scroll. Or laugh.  Wait we need boys…. We totally did not mean to wear team colors.  But go team blue.

Then of course there was the inevitable. And for kicks we tried out a surprise trust fall ala Mr. Tosh. It may look like we got silly…and well we did.  But we mainly just relaxed and got to hang out with old friends.  It was so refreshing considering the first three days had been so full of excitement.  Just what we needed.

While we were in Pennsylvania, we headed over to Philadelphia to do a little sightseeing.  And I mean a very litte….Philly is the city of brotherly love, but I want to know where you find that love.  We must of missed it while we were avoiding tickets and getting honked at.  It was craziness, there may have been tears.

We paid $5 to park so we could go and get this photo. Then we got in our car and drove…or tried to drive far, far away.  From Philly…not the Lawson’s duh.

So come back tomorrow….for our recap of far, far away.

Sing it with me now….On the road again.

Written by Christina and Tim