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You all know we are undergoing a major office makeover, remember this moodboard we made before we started?

We have been chugging away at turning our grellow, unorganized office into our favorite space.  It is afterall where we spend most of our time.

You may also remember that we are on a tight budget around these parts and using a work-with-whatcha-got-mmmkay attitude.

What we had was an ugly bookcase.

A bookcase that had been with me since I puttied New Kids on the Block posters on its side.  We go way back.

Then something magical happened.

Katie Bower & Sherry Petersik announced their Fall Pinterest Challenge.

This is what happened next….

I put Tim to work sanding all that NKOTB putty off and I got my seamstress on and used spray adhesive and a staple gun to upholster (and I use that term loosley) some fun fabric onto the shelves.

We wound up with a funky little number.

I am so excited to have a pretty piece of organization.

Thank goodness for blogger challenges or I would never get anything done hmmmm…

Can’t wait for the office reveal, it is finally coming together!

Written by Christina and Tim