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Monday Funday….

Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, huh?

When I was a wee little lass my grampas neighbors used to invite me over to hone my entrepeneur skills.  We made a deal that for every cigarette butt I picked up out of their yard I got a nickel.  That was big money for a seven-year old back in the day.  Especially since back in the 80’s people really knew how to smoke em.  I could usually pull together at least four dollars, enough for a new Troll doll so I was thrilled.

Today, I am doing it for free. pick up your cigarette butts The annual cigarette butt litter, end on end, measures more than 2 million miles.  That is 337 round trips from Los Angeles to New York.  Most people who would never consider throwing a piece of paper on the ground have no problem flicking a butt out the window.

I am not trying to hate on all y’all smokers ok, you made me a good living back in the day.  All I am saying is that cigarette butts are ugly, they cause over 25,000 fires each year, and they take decades to decompose.

So today, don’t flick your butts.  And if you don’t smoke, try picking up a couple.  I know picking up a strangers cigarette butt seems a teensy bit nasty but just think of the baby bird that won’t end up with it in their belly.

Remember when cars had ashtrays?
Are you a butt flicker and proud?
How did you make money as a kiddo?


Written by Christina and Tim