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You may remember that Louisville, Kentucky was our first stop on our East Coast Road Trip.  I declared my love then, and fell even harder this time around.

For Christmas I got my family tickets to go see our favorite band, Fleetwood Mac.  Unlucky for us, no one ever deems Missouri a great venue for rocking out.  So I decided a family road trip was in order to check a box on our bucket lists.

I grew up traveling with my family, and our trips are always at the top of my awesome-memory bank.  As we grew older and went through the “can my friend come” and eventually “can my boyfriend come” stages of life the trips became rare.  I miss those family trips more than I miss Zach Morris, sometimes I hate growing up.  Throw in three members of our family going to school for a couple of years and you have quite a scheduling conflict, but somehow we made it happen.  Call it a testament to our love for Fleetwood Mac. the reason we were there I suppose you could also say we actually like spending time together.
Gramma look away, there may have been a teensy bit of drinking going down. beer lovin family Ready for a photo-throwdown…. mash up Please check out the bottom picture in the center, my mother was teaching my dad how to Gangham.  Aren’t you sad you missed out on that.

The concert was fantastic, Lindsey Buckingham is my hero.  Afterwards, we took our high (of the music variety, no illegal drugs in our veins) down the road to Fourth Street Live.  We stopped in at the piano bar Howl at the Moon, where they successfully sang Nikki Minaj and Tupac.  It was impressive.

If you follow us on Facebook you caught a glimpse of the horse playing drums….which made the night fantastic.  Even though whilst powdering my nose I encountered a group of super-excited bathroom goers that couldn’t have told you who Fleetwood Mac was if you were holding a bottle rocket to their head.  Look, if you have never karaoked “Sings a song it sounds like she’s singing…ohhh babay ohhh baby ohhh” well then I feel bad for you son. sister style At the end of the night, my mom realized that we hadn’t eaten since 1 p.m. and declared a state of emergency.  Everyone I asked said that there was only one place to go for some “effing great pizza man”.  Everyone except our cab driver, who said it was too late for food.  Too bad for him our hotel receptionist had our backs and gave us a menu for that “oh my gosh you are gonna love this pizza” place and their number.

I called and ordered some pizza and soda pop, then my mom yelled at me for not ordering fried Oreos.  I thought I was being healthy by avoiding the fried dessert at 3 a.m. but Mr. Spinelli thought otherwise.  Miracle of all miracles, they gave us fried Oreos.  Let me tell you, fried Oreos after three buckets of beer is better than heaven.

So the next day, we did the only reasonable thing…got seconds. id kill for this pizza a must see in louisville talk about tasty  If you are local to Louisville, I am jealous.
If you are traveling to Louisville, go there and I’m jealous.
If you have no plans to go to Louisville, make them.

After lunch we explored a little and found eclectic little homes and shops.
This was my favorite. the highlands What is your favorite “family vacation” memory?
Ever been to Louisville, KY?
Want to be a gypsy like Stevie Nicks?

Written by Christina and Tim

I wish my home state rhymed with something cool.

Anywaaaayyyyys….the best part about this trip was that we got to see so many friends.  Most of our friends have abandoned us to move back home, or away for jobs, or possibly to get away from this Missouri humidity.

We miss them, way too much.  So we figured this is a great time to go see them all.

Our first stop was in Kentucky.

One of T’s best friends, Greg, calls Louisville home.  They met while Greg was going to school in St. Louis, and became the three best friends that anyone can have….minus one.

We totally understand why he boot scooted back home…because Louisville is incredible!

There was a beautiful river with lots of gorgeous bridges.

I know boys don’t talk about stuff like this….but Tim was a ball of excitement to see his buddy.  They had not seen each other for years, which I fully intend to make sure that doesn’t happen again.  Hi Greg….can’t wait for the Derby!!!

Apparently, when I was in this state of mind….

I realized that Louisville was the home of the Kentucky Derby.  It must have been all the horse statues, paintings, signs, and memorabilia.  I also decided at that time that we absolutely, positively NEED to go next year.  The boys thought that was just a drinkity pipe dream….but I remembered.

I never forget guys, and I am holding you all to it.
I already have my big, floppy hat picked out!

How did I get to that drinkity state you ask……Fourth Street.

Please don’t notice the bed and pillow reflection…this was taken from our hotel room.

It is a street in downtown Louisville, KY that is like a mall of restaurants, bars, and fun.  Since we were there on a Wednesday it was pretty low-key….which is just our scene.

So we explored, and had some dinner and drinks.

The handsome guy on the left is Timbo, yours truly, then Greg’s twin brother Mitch, and then Greg himself.

Here we are proving how awesome we are….our waiter was impressed to say the least.

No one was prepared when after the customary documentation photo I yelped, “No one move….it’s time for a funny face”.  Well, no one except Greg…is that not the best zombie impression you’ve ever seen?  I’m taking notes Gregory!

Here is a terrible video….where I thought Greg was still sitting in front of me.  Instead, he was sneaking off to pay the dinner bill that we had in our hand…you tricky trickster.  But it does give you a sneak peak of the awesomeness that is Fourth Street action.

Things to ignore:
The awful buzzing sound
Tim ignoring his loving girlfriend
My slightly intoxicated giggle

I really wish we would have had more time there….but we will make up for it come Derby Days.

See you soon Louisville!

Written by Christina and Tim