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Today we are kicking it old school….taking you back to our yesteryears.

Truth be told, I miss almost everything you can find below.  I miss the days where my biggest decision was if I should sport a side pony or a french braid.  I miss Zach & Kelly’s drama, and I really miss Vanilla Ice hairbrush karaoke.  I don’t miss my retainer, or indian burns, double dutch, or skipping portable cd players.

Brace yourself, I don’t need a time-travel-whiplash lawsuit on my hands. ninties kids rocked it from their heads to their toes ninties kids rock it all ninties kids rocked cool kicks Oh man those are some pretty sweet threads.

I really did own all of those things and I am really considering making my next party a “90s track suit” theme.  Whatever happened to all those old neon swishy concoctions?  Are they sitting in an attic somewhere waiting for their comeback?  But it gets better…. ninties kids rocked the accerssories Just for the sake of sweet-sweet nostalgia… ninties kids knew how to party What do you miss most from your youth?
Those color change shirts?  Fringe?
Paper fortune-teller game?  Dream Date?
Fake Barbie make-up?  Friendship bracelets?

Written by Christina and Tim