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This weekend was a whirlwind of memories.  Blooming friendships, beautiful parties, and the prettiest sweets I have ever seen.  Stay tuned.

First though, I want to tell you how much you rock.  Yes you, I am talking to you and your hair looks awesome today.  But I don’t just want to tell you, I want to show you.  What better way to show you how amazing I think you are than to giveaway pretty things, can I get an amen?

When I think of pretty things, I think of The Silver Maple. silver maple I don’t think you can beat personalized, hand-stamped jewelry.  A unique piece made just for you, by the sweetest folks I have ever talked to.  Here I will give you a second to oogle. Say it with me, “ohhhh, ahhhh”.

They are hooking one lucky duck up with a $100 gift card.  Yea, yea a Benjamin or ten thousand pennies worth of jewelry.

Get in on this….I’m rooting for you.


A winner will be chosen at random on June 17th.


Written by Christina and Tim