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It is Friday, we should hug.  Another week bites the dust and we couldn’t be more ready for the weekend.  Hopefully every one will have beautiful sunshine and a pool boy to bring you lemonade.  I am still working on that last part.

I found the cutest Etsy shop yesterday and I just have to share it with you.  I wish I could have included more of the awesome art from Parada Creations but she just has so many options.  Here are some of my favorites, with lots of words to live by.  Those dishes can wait, amen. parada creations I think you can find anything your are looking for at Parada Creations, except maybe that pool boy.  There are woodsy prints, colorful prints, typographic prints, prints for kids, abstract prints, funny prints, zodiac prints…and I think you get the picture.  Somehow, even with all of those options Susana remains true to her style.  You must check it out, that’s an order.

In other bloggity news, I found a ton of inspiration and had quite a few laughs this week….and I am willing to share. studio diy Who wants to let me throw them a party, because I am dying to make these hats.  Kelly from Studio DIY took some gorgeous ranunculus blooms and made them into the coolest party hats I’ve ever seen. eating bird food Please tell me I am not the only one that scarfed down my Girl Scout cookies and then felt insanely guilty about it.  Well Brittany from Eating Bird Food is here to solve all of our problems, she is showing us not only how to restock on my favorite cookie….but also how to make them a little less guilt-inducing.  She calls them Sinless Samoas and I can’t wait to get them in my belly. because i am addicted I didn’t even know that flower farms existed until I came across this post on Because I’m Addicted.  I want to get lost in the miles and miles of color and wonder that these fields promise.  And please, just for a minute think about how fantastic that would smell.  Take me there, now. i wore yoga pant to work Remember these hot thangs…Whitney from I Wore Yoga Pants To Work is cracking me up with her Spice Girls Life Lessons and taking me back to my puka shell necklace days.  Bring me that L.A. Gel I need to scrunch my hair.  She also broke the news that Bradley Cooper has a jerry curl – say what – yes it’s true and yes it’s as bad as it sounds.  You need a laugh?  Then mosey on over and crawl in Whitney’s lap….she will have you in stitches in no time.

Did you find anything good this week?  Are you sipping lemonade with the pool-boy?  Can I borrow your pool-boy?

Written by Christina and Tim