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Our fish wishlist....

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The next tank we are putting in is going to be a fish only tank.

Here are some of the fishies that are on our wish list.  We would need a huge tank since some of these fish get aggressive…but we are totally fine with that.  The bigger the better, right?

And now onto the so-ugly-they-are-cute list…..

Just in case you hadn’t noticed…all of the fish on our wish list can be found and bought at LiveAquaria.com.

We are not promoting Live Aquaria, that just happened to be the site we were on when we decided to make a fish dream-team.  But if they wanna pay our bills, we are so down with that!

Most of the above are fish that we can’t put in our current tank.  Either because they are not reef safe, or they are aggressive, or we are too poor to afford them right now.  Our corals and current fish family mean too much to us to take the risk and buy these fishies up.

We can dream….and hopefully by throwing it out on the internet we might actually have put a fire in our pants to get a fish only tank.

Written by Christina and Tim

Get your mind our of the gutter.  It’s L-I-S-T.

I am a compulsive list maker.

There I said it.  I have post-its all over my desk, notebooks full of ideas, scrap paper with the grocery list.  Lists are everywhere.  At least once a day, every day, I jot down a list of some form.  Usually it’s more than once.

I would be embarrassed to show you my planner from school because every. single. day. I wrote down what I thought my grades were going to be.  They never changed, but I had to write them down.  I guess it was motivating…or some other weird logical explanation for my illogical tendencies.

At least there are an abundance of cute paper options.  Right now I am oogling these bad boys.

And don’t get me started on Excel.  For our vacation this year we are going on an East Coast road trip.  This list has been written, rewritten, completely scratched and then rewritten again.  I’ll spare you all of the “what to bring” and “music to download” lists.

As a joke a friend got me this.

I’m in deep you guys.  The papers sticking out…..more lists.  It’s a sickness!

So it should come as no surprise that I have a bucket list.  It’s way too lengthy to burden you with, unless you ask then I will totally let you bear that burden.

I also have a leap list.

My big life event will change my life forever…so I need a list so I don’t forget things like “Open a Roth IRA” and then accidentally spend all my money on shoes.

Here is a list of things that I need to do before I can make another human being.

I may not accomplish all of them, I may not accomplish any of them…but it’s all about having goals people.  And I got plenty.

What’s on your Leap List?

Written by Christina and Tim