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Our house is so super clean now.
I know my mom doesn’t believe me right now because of how often I got grounded long ago for having a messy room.

We did not host Thanksgiving, and we did not have company.

I just felt like cleaning.

I am talking Magic-Erase-every-baseboard-in-the-house-type cleaning here folks, not my usual routine of Febreze and fluff.

I realized I have a few go-to tools that I absolutely adore.
I wanted to share them because I love them but I also want your advice.

You will see that none of these are “green” cleaners.  Bummer.


My super secret-weapon is number three.  Those wallflower plug-in scent thingys make your house smell amazing without having to light a bunch of candles.

So since you all are the smartest people I know…I want your tips.

Your favorite cleaning products, and if you have found anything like my favorites that happen to be good for the planet.  You know, because I am all for saving our homeland.  What’s up with it…tell me all your secrets.

How do you keep your home so fresh & so clean?

ps….no one paid us to say nice things, it is just what we use and love.

Written by Christina and Tim