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When Tim and I decided to partake in this little game called love we never gave much thought as to how to blend our religions.  We were more concerned with making sure our breath didn’t smell and that we didn’t misuse grammar in texts.

These days…we are focused on bigger issues.

Tim grew up celebrating Hanukkah and I grew up with dear old St. Nick.  We had both been exposed to a variety of religions thanks to our awesome parents.  Now we are finding that magical balance celebrating both holidays.

I have found such joy in sharing our traditions with one another.  And ladies…find you a boy that speaks Hebrew…it’s awesome.  We are both so accepting of one another and we both get equally excited about learning about the other holiday.  I would say I get more excited about Hanukkah, because Tim has been exposed to Christmas through the years.

Before everyone gets all excited about how we will raise our kids and if the pups have dreidels please understand that we are both super open-minded.  For us our religion is more about our relationship with a higher being…and yes the dogs totally howl the dreidel song.

Have you ever dated someone with different beliefs?  A different culture?  How have you blended these parts of your lives together?  We love advice.

Written by Christina and Tim