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Hey, hey, hey…how was that first full week back?
Pretty terrible huh…this oughta make you feel better.

I have to work tomorrow, good old end-of-year Accounting.
Excuse me while I throw a pity party.

Now for some pick-me-ups. lovely little details

I am pretty much in love with the above photo that my darling Jacin posted on her site Lovely Little Details.  I would move heaven and earth for her to move to the Lou and become my BFF.

What a good reminder as we enter this new year to focus on all the positive that lies ahead of you.  C’mon get happy. tatted up I am ordering a whole gaggle of temporary tattoos from Tattly.com so that I fake coolness.  I have been begging Tim to go get another tattoo with me but he says these will have to do for now.  I’m not mad about, now I can sport real gangster tats without the whole “explanation to your grandkiddies” thing. beautiful mess Can everyone please shoot ingredient pictures from now on?  The girls at A Beautiful Mess have been delving into smoothie making and they are always taking pictures like this making me all hangry all the time.  I wish they would move in with us and make me smoothies every day. design sponge Because isn’t it “that” time of year…yea yea I guess so.  At least you can find lots of creative ways to make the most of it and get your house as squeaky clean as Katie Holmes in her Dawson days.

Did you find anything super neat on the web this week?
Please share.

Written by Christina and Tim

Our house is so super clean now.
I know my mom doesn’t believe me right now because of how often I got grounded long ago for having a messy room.

We did not host Thanksgiving, and we did not have company.

I just felt like cleaning.

I am talking Magic-Erase-every-baseboard-in-the-house-type cleaning here folks, not my usual routine of Febreze and fluff.

I realized I have a few go-to tools that I absolutely adore.
I wanted to share them because I love them but I also want your advice.

You will see that none of these are “green” cleaners.  Bummer.


My super secret-weapon is number three.  Those wallflower plug-in scent thingys make your house smell amazing without having to light a bunch of candles.

So since you all are the smartest people I know…I want your tips.

Your favorite cleaning products, and if you have found anything like my favorites that happen to be good for the planet.  You know, because I am all for saving our homeland.  What’s up with it…tell me all your secrets.

How do you keep your home so fresh & so clean?

ps….no one paid us to say nice things, it is just what we use and love.

Written by Christina and Tim