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Make Monday Matter....ten

Posted by Christina // 3 Replies

Who is excited for Monday?
Especially one where we lost an hour of sleep thanks to Daylight Savings Time?
If you answered yes then I envy your ambitious positivity.

For the rest of us, let’s make this Monday extra special.
Maybe show Ma Earth a little lovin. monday matter This has been a hot topic the last few years, and while it seems like everyone already has all their bulbs changed out because they are good people….we did not.  Even though every time we have to replace a bulb, we do use the energy savers, we still had a ton of the relics just waiting to burn out.  In short, we are not be actively green.  We are actually kind of lazy. the lightbulb moment Doesn’t it seem like a small change?  Who knew it made such a big impact. and then Yup, that’s it.

Go spend a couple bucks and actively change those bulbs instead of just waiting until they need replaced.

Tim is not super crazy about this weeks action plan because he says there are high levels of Mercury and these bulbs need special disposal.  If they break you are not supposed to clean them up yourself, you should call your local waste management company.  I figure if they last forever, we only have to worry about it every decade or so.  He still puts up a little fight but then I shoot him down with the world-saving facts.

Where do you fall on the great light bulb debate?
Are they dangerous, or the best thing ever?

Written by Christina and Tim