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Did you catch this picture on our facebook page a few days ago?

While sending Tim pictures of all the books I want for Christmas, I stumbled upon “Artful Blogging” magazine.  I want to be artful…and I want to blog.  Before I knew it I was snuggled up with my peppermint hot chocolate flipping through the pages.  Oh la la the inspiration.

I want to learn to take photos like this.  Anyone taken a good photography or styling course?  Give me the details…I need to be better.

Now it is time for the very best of my blogosphere this week.

When T and I do decide to settle down and shoot out some chitlins…I am totally making this advent tree I found on A Beautiful Mess.  Each day they pick a little present.  Totally adorable and totally doable.

My girl Mrs. Lilien made me laugh so hard when I saw this post.  That girl has some killer graphics.  I can’t wait to start wrapping so that I can “wrap” and feel oh so gangster.  Happy Holladays!

My new favorite color combo….turquoise, yellow and brown.  Nobody does it better than over on Apartment Therapy.  Now I need some pretty feathers.

What did I miss this week….link to your favorite posts below.

Written by Christina and Tim