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Breaking the silence

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Tap…tap…tap….is this thing on?

Oh man I have missed this space. It’s even more beautiful than I remember. I miss writing. I really miss being creative. I miss oversharing. And I miss photo editing. But mostly, I miss you guys.

What I didn’t miss was the pressure. I have talked about it before as have a ton of other bloggers.  Pressure to post every day. Pressure to grow your following. Pressure to have a prettier life. Pressure to get sponsors. Pressure to collaborate. Pressure to do more. Pressure, pressure, pressure. I started resenting our home, our life, my work schedule, that I couldn’t make more hours in the day, and my lack of craftiness. I started to resent the blog.

Which is NOT why I started the blog. I wanted to write, to document our life, and make friends with you. I didn’t want to feel bad about my wonderful life anymore. So I shut up.

My deepest apologies for the radio silence. It wasn’t really fair to some of the awesome friends I have made blogging. I took on a management role, made a major lifestyle change to get healthy, and kicked wedding planning into overdrive….which were all excuses to be “too busy” to blog and ignore the real reason I stopped.

This space morphed into something I “had” to do instead of something I “got” to do.

I don’t ever want to abandon Homemade Ocean. There are lots of memories here, but my heart is not.

Tim and I decided to create a new space. A happy space for BOTH of us, with just a few rules. No ads, no schedule, no guilt, and lots of imperfect cellphone pictures and honesty. If that is not your thing, we totally understand. If you decide you might like to stop by, we would love to have you – although we will never know it because another rule is no stats.

Thank you all for your love, support, friendships, and overall awesomeness. Hope to chat you up over at A Gray Day!

Written by Christina and Tim

This last weekend was the most fun I have had in probably, 22 years.  The only way it could have beat my cousin’s 6th birthday party was if there was a ball pit.  Maybe next year.

I spent the last four days at my very first blogging conference.  I know a lot of you all aren’t bloggers so let me give a wee bit of background.  Haven is an annual conference in Atlanta where bloggers who are in the DIY, crafting, painting, woodworking, decorating, and general awesomeness category get together.  We get to learn from the pros, network with brands, and meet people in real life that we have talked to online for ages.

There are lots of blogging conferences, but Haven is special.  This niche is incredibly supportive, and blow-your-mind talented. An obvious choice for my very first conference.

I am absolutely positive I could write a whole weeks worth of posts about what a great time I had, but instead I am just going to tell you why you should go next year.  Besides the fact that we could sit and drink lemonade and gossip together, that’s obvious.  Without further ado…

Wait, an ado, I didn’t take any photos (tisk, tisk for real) so I am relying on the #havenconf instagram feed to drive all my points home.  I have already decided my resolution next year is to have my camera surgically attached to my hand so I take more photos.  Bad blogger award 2013 goes to….me.  Shoot I didn’t write a speech.  End ado. haven-blog-gets-love Nothing puts a little fire under your rump like a blogging conference.  We got a whole new site design, pretty business cards, and made these cute little swedish fish favors that Jackie loved (yay).  Do you think any of that would have happened if I weren’t about to go talk to 400 fellow bloggers.  Absolutely not. haven-excuse-to-shop When you are going to hang out with a bunch of people you stalk on the daily you have to look good right?  This means you have a completely valid excuse to buy those cute flats, that new makeup, and an adorable camera bag.  Necessities ok.  How funny is it that Carrie and I ordered the exact same camera bag, great minds I tell ya. haven-so-much-learning The obvious reason for going to a conference is to learn.  I took sessions on everything from photography to SEO to social media advice to hands on design tips.  I am still trying to wrap my head around all this new knowledge.  The learning doesn’t stop with the sessions though, the chatter with fellow bloggers can be a wealth of information.  Isn’t that a lovely group Sarah captured?  So fashionable, I needed those tips. haven-screen-break If you are a blogger, you spend way too much time behind a computer screen.  This I know.  Sometimes it is nice to get out and smell the roses hydrangeas that Mrs. Hoff snapped a pic of.  This weekend I actually, sort of, kinda felt like I had a life….for a minute.  It felt like Christmas and my birthday made a baby and called it Haven. haven-inpiration-overload Do I even need to mention this?  Clearly when you get that many creative minds in one place you get on an inspiration high, which is the only kind of high to be.  Everywhere I looked there were beautiful things and brilliant ideas.  This map that Breida posted a photo of really got my proverbial juices flowing. haven-tasty-food Ok, if you come for nothing else please come for the cheese plates.  Kidding, sort of.  The food was amazing and I gotta send a standing ovation to the fine folks at Buckhead Grand Hyatt for the stellar service.  The second I set my fork down, someone was there swooping my dirty plate away so I could make room for dessert.  Now it’s time to buy a treadmill, Tiffany’s photo is making me hungry.  Seriously, get in my mouth cheese. haven-best-sponsors Haven’s sponsors were fantastic.  There were parties and swag, sure, but they were some of the nicest people I have ever met.  When I came home and Tim opened up my suitcase he thought it was his birthday.  I don’t think I have ever seen him so happy to see safety goggles.  I met a ton of amazing people on that couch up there from Ballard Designs that Jamie grabbed a photo of.  That rug and I have a real love affair going too. haven-what-a-workout To balance out all the tasty food, you gotta make sure you get out on the dance floor and bust a move.  I worked up quite a few sweats between dancing and walking to vendor booths.  Now some brave souls went hiking and running, but I think doing the robot on repeat burned just as many calories.  Holler.  Double holler to Ryobi Tools for throwing such an awesome party.  Good time had by all. haven-meeting-your-faves The whole way down to Atlanta I kept telling myself that I wouldn’t be starstruck.  Newsflash, I was a total creeper that stared just a little to long at the bloggers I have read for years.  It wore off after the first day, but it was so amazing to see all these ladies being so normal.  They had so many inspiring stories and endless knowledge, I just soaked it up like a sponge.  I loved Ana White’s keynote, and I am so happy Ashley got such a great photo of that little baby bump. haven-making-new-faves By far, hands down, without doubt, no competition the best part of this conference was meeting so many new friends.  I can’t say enough nice things about some of these girls.  I am so lucky to even have the opportunity to know most of them, and can’t wait to be reunited next year!  In fact, I am really bummed that I have to wait a whole year to see them again.  I’ve said it a million times but this weekend just instilled it in my brain that blogging is all about the community.  This community blows my socks off.  Thanks Megan for snapping this pic.

It’s easy to see that I have a lot of nice things to say about Haven.  I had such a great time and feel so blessed to have been able to experience all the awesomeness.  Let the countdown to 2014 begin.

Have you been to Haven?
What’s your favorite part of conferences?
Are you craving a cheese plate now?


Written by Christina and Tim

Guess who is back...

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Hey y’all after being down for over two weeks we are finally back and better than ever!

Take a peek around…then reminisce on the days of yesteryear. our blog

Peek around, tell us what you think.  If you run into any problems or anything looks strange pretty please send us an email and let us know what browser you’re using.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and feedback…you all really are the best.

A huge thanks to Jenny Highsmith at Maiedae for such beautiful designs.

Written by Christina and Tim

we are making some changes

Over the next week or so, we are undergoing some major changes around these parts.

No need to be alarmed, but plenty of reason to get excited.

Next time we see you, you won’t even recognize us!

Written by Christina and Tim

Together with some awesome co-hosts, I’m bringing you the Summer of my Youth Link Up Party.

Last month, we launched the party!  The idea is simple: relive your youth, blog about it, link it up!  Go somewhere or do something that reminds you of summertime when you were a kid – read a book , visit a place that has meaning, make that recipe you couldn’t get enough of, watch the show or movie you know all the words to, or listen to that CD you wore out.  It can be whatever brings back those awesome summer memories!

Before we dive into the deets, let’s check out the awesome ladies who jumped on board with my idea and are playing hosts this summer:

A HUGE Thank You to the ladies from Charleston Crafted, Tarnished Silver, Jo, My Gosh!, Homemade Ocean, and Hungry Janey for helping me bring this summer project to life!

Now the deets!

Link Up Schedule:

TODAY!  Link your blog post(s) showing off what you have done to relive the summers of your youth!

AUGUST 1ST, SEPTEMBER 1ST  Visit the co-hosts on the 1st of each month of the summer for a fresh link up where you can share your Summer of My Youth blog post – tell us what you’ve done, where you’ve gone, how you’re reliving summertime.  You can do all three months or just link up one – the choice is up to you!

Link Up Rules:

1. Follow the co-hosts!

2. Link up your posts! (You only need to link up to ONE co-host to be linked to all!)

3. Hop around and see how others are reliving their youth.

4. Come back August 1st to link up even more ‘Summer of My Youth’ posts with us!

Written by Christina and Tim