Michaels craft tour…

Oct 08, 2013

I don’t think I have ever been as excited as the day that I got an invite to the grand re-opening of our local Michaels store.  The craft store has always been one of my favorites, but I used to always choose a competitor because finding what I needed quickly was not going to happen at […]

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Make Monday Matter…work out

Oct 07, 2013

This Monday’s challenge seems especially appropriate after our announcement last week.  By the by, I just have to thank you all again….seriously amazing.  So much support and love. Did you know that 50% of adults do not get enough physical activity and 24% are not physically active at all.  Not even a little bit.  Not […]

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Working on our fitness…

Oct 03, 2013

I was so inspired by Christina’s post yesterday that I decided to write one of my own.  When we first decided to jump into the blog world and create one of our own we knew that it was going to be tough.  We both agreed that we would be 100% real with anyone who decides […]

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A hard post to write…

Oct 02, 2013

I have debated for the last 20 days if I should share this journey with you.  It is very personal, and though I like to think I have thick skin….it’s the one thing that makes me cry at night. In the end I obviously decided to share, for two reasons.  1) This blog has always […]

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Make Monday Matter…pick up litter

Sep 30, 2013

Tim and I have been hiking on weekends lately, and one of our new favorite things to do is bring a little plastic bag and pick up as much trash as we possibly can. It all started when Tim picked up one little bottle, now we have started making a game to see who can […]

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