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I have always loved a good garage sale.  The thrill of the hunt, the adrenaline of scoring a deal.  Lots of people have told me that I should try estate sales, but the whole concept sort of freaked me out.  Creeping through the junk of someone who has recently passed seemed a little intrusive.  Now though, now I see the light.  These people need me to snag onto their treasures, so they don’t wind up in a cold, wet, dark basement.

We bought so much stuff.  Seriously, I am not sure if this estate sale was just a rare gem full of things I didn’t even know I would love….or if they are all just that good.  I am really hoping for the later.  Just look at some of these goods, while keeping in mind that we are leaning hard on a “hometown fair” theme for the wedding. the-complete-guide-to-DIY our-treasures I loved some of the old tins so much that I worked them into the mantle.  Now when I walk by I stare just a little too long, which makes Tim think I am having a stroke or something.  Nope, just admiring old beauty.  I have a mild obsession with these old tins now, is there a rehab for that? treasures-that-made-it-to-the-firplace details-of-my-sweet-antique-tin-mantal Just for some hump day fun…I want to play a game.  Our biggest purchase was this box.  We fell in love on Saturday, and came back on Sunday to see if we could score a deal…and boy did we. a-guessing-game So what do you think is in the box?  Let’s play twenty questions, ask me anything to help you get to your final guess.  This should be fun, this is fun right.

What was your best sale find?
Do you prefer garage sales or estate sales?
What do you think is in that dang box?

Written by Christina and Tim

Spread the love....

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Yesterday I gave you some ideas for fun surprises you can do for your honey that won’t make him blush of embarrassment.

Well, today I am helping out all you fine folks who aren’t the conductor of the crafty train.  Or maybe you are skipping the train all together.
It is simple.

Step one- buy cute card. show them love for the ladies 1.2

Phew, that was easy.

Now you just give them bedroom eyes and maybe a bowl of ice cream.
Fool-proof Valentines Day.

Now as promised….my favorite “love-ly” fonts. love-ly fonts

As usual, you can find all of these fonts for free at
You know I love free.

Make sure you check back tomorrow to scope all of our V-Day decorations!

Written by Christina and Tim

Now that we are all coming back from our sugar cookie comas and starting to really bust into some of those awesome gifts you received – hello new pots and pans – it is time to show your gratitude.

I will never get tired of snail mail.

It just seems so much more personal and genuine.
Please don’t text your Aunt Dorothy your “thank-yous”.

Instead, give her some sass and sparkle.
Here are my favorite ways to show your appreciation. merci gratzi gracious 1234567891011121314

Written by Christina and Tim

Meanwhile in Illinois....

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During our short jaunt up to Chicago for the YHL book tour we decided to stop by this little store we have heard about a time or two.

Yea you heard right, we had never been to Ikea…but we fixed that right up.

Even though we had been up for way too many hours, and I had gone all giddy crazy meeting the Petersik’s we still made room for some Swedish lovin.

We gave ourselves a $100 budget and only an hour to shop.
Hey, we are broke and had to get home before the energy drink wore off.

Most people would think that was crazy, and it was.

Holy speed shopping.

Every single person we told that we were going to Ikea said that we absolutely must get the Swedish meatballs.  And ice cream, definitely ice cream.

They were tasty indeed.
Do they cater for Christmas?  To St. Louis?

I of course loved all the pretty, Tim was shocked and thrilled with the prices.
So in short, we had more fun than a toddler on a teeter-totter.

We did make our time limit and got back on the road by 4p.m. to make the long trek home.  The budget on the other hand, we blew by a measley $18.

We bought simple white dishes and lots of white frames so we can get crackin on that living room frame wall.  I can not wait to show you all.

I know we said we want to add more flava and color in our lives, but we figure those are staples and can be spiced up with lots of colorful napkins and art.  Am I right?

Now where can I start a petition to get Ikea in the Lou?

Written by Christina and Tim

It is finally Friday friends….here is what I dropped my jaw over this week.

How can you possibly be anything but cheery when you look at that giraffe?
You’ll be even happier when you see the price to bring him home here.

Check out all of Laura Sue’s sweet, earthy art at her Etsy shoppe.


Do you think you could live in a house that is 4 feet wide?

Don’t click here unless you have hours to kill, oh nevermind click away.

Wondering what to do with all that candy, some ideas and gorgeous photos.

Love the look of combined fonts, this little tutorial will help you mix them up.

Yay for everyone involved in the NaBloPoMo November, sign up now.


Hope you all have a totally rocking weekend….it is baby shower season for me.
Remember, everyone is pregnant.

Written by Christina and Tim

 Try to act like that doesn’t make you swoon.
That gorgeous floating jelly watercolor is for purchase here. 


Is anyone else already excited for Christmas?  Well, this will make you laugh AND get you in the mood.

You thought your fall was pretty, check out Kochia Hill.

This nook sprucing has me dreaming of building nook additions everywhere.

Has anyone been using Ibotta?  After reading this, I want in on it.

Anyone have a good lead on a bright, fun, inexpensive one of these?


Written by Christina and Tim