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his + hers active october

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We recently revealed out loud, all over the internets, that we are taking on a more active lifestyle.

Over the last month and a half we have found a few products that we are head over heels for, thought maybe we could share some of them with you in our monthly round-up. october-hers 1.  I am fairly certain I have professed my love for my Nikes on more than one occasion.  Never have these shoes ever given me a blister or worn out…and they have seen a lot of miles now.  Hands down the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.  In fact, I am saving my pennies for another pair.

2.  On a recommendation from a fellow busty lady, I bought myself a Moving Comfort “Juno” sports bra.  This sucker is good.  Those girls don’t move, no matter what craziness I get myself into.  The straps are easily adjustable, so I feel like it will stay with me through a few pounds.  If you have ever had to wear two sports bras, invest in one of these bad boys asap.

3.  Once again, on a recommendation from a fellow blogger, I bought myself a Flip Belt.  It holds your cellular, keys, debit card, and well anything you used to shove in your sock.  I love being able to keep my phone handy without it bouncing around like crazy.  It does ride up more than I would like, but I think once I lose ten more it will be perfect.

4.  I love technology.  It makes everything so easy.  The Lose It app is so incredibly easy, and keeps me accountable and motivated.  Tim prefers a different app, but I just think this one is soooo easy to use.

5.  Let me tell you, chafing was most definitely the devils doing.  Nothing worse than being half way through your workout and realizing you are going to be totally raw by the time you finish.  Thank goodness for Body Glide.  And spandex. october-his 1.  I have been using the My Fitness Pal app on my phone to log my food and really look into what sort of nutrients I am getting.  Christina thinks it is not as user-friendly, but I am a sucker for graphs.  More protein please.

2.  Our most recent big purchase was an elliptical.  Was it out of our budget, yes.  Does it take up our whole living room, you betcha.  But Christina has worked out every single day since early September, so I know it was worth it.  We bought this one because it is extra sturdy, and simulates running through the woods.  I figure that can get me through this rough winter we are bound to have.

3.  You should remember I have gone gluten-free.  On our long hikes I always pack one or two of my favorite snacks.

4.  Our Fitbit Flex’s were probably the best buy we have made in the last year.  They have forced us to be so much more active.  My competitive fiancé will even run up and down stairs now just to get more steps than me.  I also like being able to track my sleep, or lack thereof.

5.  We just started trail running last week.  I learned quickly that I needed to replace my old backpack with something that wouldn’t bounce around and hold me back.  Enter Camelbak.  Enough storage for everything we need and plenty of water for our long hikes.  Why am I just now jumping on this bandwagon?

What caught your eye this month?
Any fitness goods we are missing out on?
Did you notice the part where T said we are trail running?  Say what?

Written by Christina and Tim

A little late is better than never right?  I won’t keep you waiting a second more. September-hers 1.  This junk will change your life.  After you throw on your morning mask you just spritz Urban Decay’s setting spray on and then stare in the mirror as your makeup stays perfect all day.  Ok, maybe you don’t have to watch in the mirror all day.  Try the “cooling” version, it is amazing once you are all hot and bothered from your straightener.

2.  Oh. my. word.  This gum.  I feel like it was fate for me to try this gum.  I ran into my friend Sandy from Vermont in an Atlanta airport (weird right) and she just happened to offer me a piece.  Now I just consider it my addiction.  I normally am not a fan of sweet gum but this one hits the spot.  Now if I could get T to stop stealing my packs.

3.  I adore fall, and I love that preppy flats start to steal the show come September.  Target always has such a great selection…I am already saving my pennies.

4.  So the lovely Cara mentioned the “Perfect 365” app on her blog and I thought I would give it a try.  It is a “quick fix” photo editor that throws some makeup on your face for you.  I on the other hand haven’t used it for that….I use it to doll my face up with “goblin makeup” and scare my friends.  It gets even better once you start playing with their photos.

5.  I love this stuff almost as much as I love the UD setting spray.  I feel like I can practically make my twenty-something acne disappear.  The best part is you can build it up so if the first layer isn’t quite cutting it you can rub some more on without looking like a cake face.

6.  Ruffles with Love has some of the funniest sayings on their tanks.  I will be debuting my first purchase as soon as it gets here…tapping foot waiting impatiently.  They are so clever and hip to the times.  I want to buy them ALL. september-his 1.  I am still sporting my iPhone 4 proudly.  Even though Christina is begging me to give her my upgrade so she can buy that new gold iPhone, I think I am using this round to finally get up to date technology.  I will not be getting the gold thank you very much.

2.  You may see a theme on my board.  We are going to talk about it more next week.  Let me know if you figure out what it is.  Ok it is not so much a theme as it is two things that relate to each other.  Regardless, I have made this oatmeal my nightly routine.  I can’t go to bed without it, apparently I am an old man.

3.  We bought this a couple of weeks ago and I am still loving it.  The Ryobi Airstrike nail gun is my favorite tool right now, so easy to use.  I am amped to get started on replacing our baseboards.

4.  As much as we try not to turn to frozen meals, our lives have gotten very busy these days.  Of all the freezer meals to be had, Amy’s Kitchen makes em the best.

5.  I did not want to put this on here, but Christina forced me.  It’s just too personal.  We never would have bought Cottonelle’s Fresh Care wipes, but after Haven they sent us a box to try.  Not to get too in depth, but in ten years everyone will be using these and wonder how we ever lived without them.  It’s a little strange at first but now when I don’t use them I feel disgusting.  And that is all I have to say about that.

What are your September favorites?
Have you tried the Cottonelle Fresh Wipes?
Rushing out to get lemon gum?

Written by Christina and Tim

The big box reveal....

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I showed off all of our estate sale treasures yesterday and at the end of the post I left you with this picture. remember-this-game-from-yesterday I told you that it was our splurge of the weekend even though we got it for 40% of the original asking price.  We visited the estate sale on Saturday and I immediately fell in love with a few of the pieces in the collection…I asked if they would part it out and explained that they were just what we were looking for to use as wedding centerpieces.  They turned us down on Saturday but suggested we come back on Sunday.

We of course came back because there were a ton of vintage Tupperware pieces I had my eyes on and of course I had to know if we would get lucky and talk them into selling us their collection.  When we first showed up on Sunday I searched high and low for that big box, and it was nowhere to be found.  Heart equals broken.  Luckily, the owners recognized us (I may have acted a teensy bit crazy the day before over all those wooden spools and vintage tins) and asked if we were still interested.

We were prepared to get down on our knees and beg them to part it out.  We were even ready to buy the whole collection if we could get it at the right price.  And get it at the right price we did, the owner immediately gave us a number that we pounced on.  Looking back I think they just thought it was sweet that we wanted to use their collection in our wedding, or maybe they just didn’t want to lug that box around anymore….who knows.

Are you dying to know what is in that dang box now?  Did I mention I am slightly obsessed with old tins?  I did didn’t I.  Well, those tins can come in this form too… here-is-what-was-in-that-box Yes, we are now the proud owners of 278 tin cans.  Holler.  In case you are wondering, the Whistle can I am holding was the can I fell head over heels for.  We have quite a variety, most I have never even heard of.  some-of-our-vintage-can-collection For the wedding (yes I am giving it all away) we are going to display all the old beer tins at the bar.  These guys are going to make their way into the centerpieces. we-are-using-cans-in-the-wedding Please someone let me put my head on their shoulder and tell me I am not the only one who would get excited for this.  When I look at some of the really old cans, which by the way are heavy as heck, I feel like I have a little piece of history.  Cheesy?  Don’t care.  I bet the original owner would be happy to know that I am already begging Tim to let me build a display wall for all 278 tins.

Do you have any strange collections?
Recognize any of those old cans?
Dare you to drink one of the unopened Weight Watchers.


Written by Christina and Tim

It’s that time again…for us to round up all of our favorite things.  If only we could give them away to everyone.  “You get a boat, and you get a boat, and YOU get a boat”.  Maybe one day.

Say wasssup to my favorite things.  Feel free to stick your tongue out and shake. august-favorite-things-hers 1.  You already know all about my trip to Haven.  Clearly that is the highlight of my August…I am already counting down to next year.  Now I can officially call myself a Haven Maven, and I like it.  In fact that may be my first borns name.

2.  When I was preparing for the conference I knew I would get sweaty (if we talked and I was glistening, I am sorry it’s just who I am).  Then I worried makeup would just melt off my face and I would never make any friends.  Upon a tip from Cara, I bought this primer from Benefit.  In love.  I did indeed sweat, but this primer held its ground right there on my face.  I was warned from the Ulta girls that it can clog your pores and make you break out, so there is that if you don’t wash your face on the regular.  Which I don’t….so when I am cursing breakouts remind me of this convo.

3.  Just go to today, and try to spend less than five minutes on that site.  It was hailed as the “Pinterest just for weddings” so I avoided it like the plague until there was a ring on it.  Now it’s a different story, if only I had more hours in a day.

4.  I have been really wanting to start rocking the head scarf.  Particularly on days when maybe shampoo (even of the dry variety) didn’t make it onto my head.  I have watched some videos on how to make it look effortless, but I always think they look funny on my head.  Maybe I will order this one and try again.

5.  I guess it is a good thing that I am obsessed with our new business cards.  It sure would be a shame if I wasn’t.  Thanks to for always keeping it classy.

6.  Remember when I threw up the great bag debate on Facebook?  Well, I mixed it up and blended my favorite bag and my favorite color and got the Missy Mint.  So far I am really digging it, super functional and lots of compliments come my way when I sport it.  Get you one. august-favorite-things-his 1.  I am not a country fan.  At least I wasn’t until Christina reset my presets.  Now I find myself wandering over to our local stations and singing along.  One of my favorite songs right now is Round Here from Florida Georgia Line, and Christina laughs every time it comes on because I can sing every word.

1.5  The shows above are just a few of my favorites that sucked me in while my fiancé was partying it up in Atlanta.  I will admit I am sometimes a reality junkie, which you should know since I already talk about Duck Dynasty and Ink Master and etcetera and so on.

2.  Recently, I bought a few banana plants and while at the local nursery I picked up some of this stuff.  Which is probably why our plants turned into monsters.  They are growing like crazy, which makes me proud of my ladies gardening skills and happy I spent the money on plant food.

3.  Is there anything that says “late-summer” like sunflower seeds?  Nope, there’s not.  Fun fact:  I actually used sunflower seeds to quit smoking five years ago.  Instead of reaching for a smoke, I grabbed a couple of sunflower seeds and broke the habit cold turkey.  Best decision I ever made.

4.  I had heard talk about ASAP Utilities from Christina and her co-workers but always just thought I would have no use for it.  If you use Microsoft Excel on the regular then you should go download the free trial and just play around.  It’s basically shortcuts for all the tedious things you do in Excel.  Just try it, you will thank us later I promise.

5.  This was part of the Haven swag that my girl brought home for me.  I swear it was like Christmas in her suitcase when she got back.  I have been playing around with the Kreg Jig and can’t wait to tackle a big project.  Wish we would have had one of these when we built the planters.

What are some of your favorites?
What are your favorite shows?
Do you get sweaty when you get excited?

Written by Christina and Tim

Hey everyone, thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday!  You sure know how to make a girl feel warm and fuzzy.  You da, you da best.

Speaking of the best…I have so many things I am gushing over lately.  With the weather turning and T wanting to spend more time outdoors, it finally feels like a new season.  The season of beach towels and mosquitoes, here are some of my June favorites. hers 1.  I go through sunglasses like Miss Swift goes through boyfriends.  I love the dainty, vintage, “bug-eyed” sunglasses of yore.  These are just my style, until I lose them.  Or sit on them.  Or Asti steals them.

2.  Ohhhh beach towels, my summer weakness.  I am a little particular when it comes to my beach towels.  I like them very long and extra wide, enough to wrap around me twice.  I like them soft and plush, colorful and fun.  This one meets all of those requirements and more.

3.  This facewash showed up in my Birchbox a couple of months ago, I recently put it in the shower and started using it every couple of days.  Wow.  My face is so soft and all those stupid little bumps that aren’t quite zits are disappearing.  I even talked T into trying it, and now we have to throw down for a jumbo quart of it.  I hope they make it that big!

4.  Tis the season right?  This summer I finally got an aloe plant.  I have very fond memories of my gramma slathering aloe straight from her plant on all my boo-boos and sunburns.  I thought it was time I had a plant of my own.  Gramma would be proud.

5.  Mosquitoes love me.  Seriously, if there is a blood-sucker within a twenty-foot radius….they try to eat me alive.  So if you guess that my summer perfume has a hint of citronella you’d be spot on.  These candles are adorable, don’t come in a bright yellow tin, and keep the bugs away.  Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

6.  Gwynnie Bee is an online clothing rental company for girls that have some curves.  I love wearing dresses and hate buying them because I think you can only wear them ever so often.  Now black pants…I can wear those every single day without anyone noticing.  My kelly green wrap dress, not-so-much.  I love that they have so many options, and that they are flattering when you aren’t a size 2.  Not hating on you teeny girls, you rock those cute dresses that my boobs won’t fit in!  On top of having cute clothes delivered to your door, they even let you try the service for a month.  My month is almost up and I am seriously bumming!

Take it away Timbo…. HIS 1.  Christina’s mom got her a huge bag of fruit tootsies, and I have been chowing down.  I told her I was just checking to make sure they are all fresh.

2.  Ever since my girlfriend made me switch out a few of our lights for CFLs I have been changing them out left and right.  When we go to Lowe’s I pick up a pack and try switching out one room at a time.

3.  One day we grabbed a bottle of this pre-made margarita from Costco and now it is our go-to summer drink.  No more measuring out the alcohol and having a sticky mess while pouring shots.  Not to mention that after a cup or two of this, you will be feeling pretty loose.

4.  With all the yard work we have done, this pickaxe has become my go-to tool.  The previous owners of our home had an affection for rock and concrete, and thanks to them I am getting some serious muscles.

5.  My favorite hat.  I have had it forever and still love it.

6.  Christina sent me this article from Single Dad Laughing.  This guy is hilarious, and it is nice to find other bloggers on my side of the gender fence.  Would you believe that I never read blogs until I met Christina.

7.  I really want a bike.  I really want to cut some trails.  I really want to be outside.  I really need a helmet.

What have you all been digging this month?


Written by Christina and Tim

This is what I would ask for.  Who has the hook-up on a birthday fairy? christinas birthday wishlist 1.  I have talked about it for months, and T even bought me a wooden one, but the time has come for me to become a real life duck mom.  I want to build a habitat and teach it tricks and snuggle it while I am by the pool.  Does that make me a weirdo?  So be it.

2.  Will I ever get sick of washi?  Probably not.

3.  How could I possibly resist a nail polish named “Naughty Nautical” in good conscious.

4.  Joy Cho was the keynote at Alt for Everyone and now I can’t get enough.  I need to soak up all of her knowledge and I need to do it now.  You think she would adopt me?

5.  The first time, ever I saw your face soles.  The gorgeous Elsie has rocked these shoes a time or two and I’ve had them on my wish list for way too long now.

6.  My phone dies….every. single. day.  The Mophie case recharges your phone with the flip of a switch.  Perfect for Pinterest happy fools like me.

7.  You can wear your twitter handle around your neck these days.  I see so many benefits to this.  Conversation piece.  Potential for that creepy guy at the library to find you and stalk your life, but hey it’s a new follower.  Simplifying the whole “can you id this body” thing.

8.  I have a camera crush on Epiphanie bags.  Right now we have a pretty awesome Canon backpack, but I think our camera deserves a stylish alternative.

I can’t believe my birthday is in less than a week.  I love birthdays, but this one feels odd.  I am realizing just how close I am to thirty, and how different my life is from what I imagined.

I am so thankful for another birthday, and instead of asking for presents or parties I am hosting an Etsy “Craft for the Community” gathering so that I can share my aging-happiness with everyone!  If you are in the area please come join me, I promise there won’t be any singing!

What did you do for your last birthday?
Are you where you thought you would be at this age?
What do you want for your birthday, besides world peace?

Written by Christina and Tim