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Breaking the silence

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Tap…tap…tap….is this thing on?

Oh man I have missed this space. It’s even more beautiful than I remember. I miss writing. I really miss being creative. I miss oversharing. And I miss photo editing. But mostly, I miss you guys.

What I didn’t miss was the pressure. I have talked about it before as have a ton of other bloggers.  Pressure to post every day. Pressure to grow your following. Pressure to have a prettier life. Pressure to get sponsors. Pressure to collaborate. Pressure to do more. Pressure, pressure, pressure. I started resenting our home, our life, my work schedule, that I couldn’t make more hours in the day, and my lack of craftiness. I started to resent the blog.

Which is NOT why I started the blog. I wanted to write, to document our life, and make friends with you. I didn’t want to feel bad about my wonderful life anymore. So I shut up.

My deepest apologies for the radio silence. It wasn’t really fair to some of the awesome friends I have made blogging. I took on a management role, made a major lifestyle change to get healthy, and kicked wedding planning into overdrive….which were all excuses to be “too busy” to blog and ignore the real reason I stopped.

This space morphed into something I “had” to do instead of something I “got” to do.

I don’t ever want to abandon Homemade Ocean. There are lots of memories here, but my heart is not.

Tim and I decided to create a new space. A happy space for BOTH of us, with just a few rules. No ads, no schedule, no guilt, and lots of imperfect cellphone pictures and honesty. If that is not your thing, we totally understand. If you decide you might like to stop by, we would love to have you – although we will never know it because another rule is no stats.

Thank you all for your love, support, friendships, and overall awesomeness. Hope to chat you up over at A Gray Day!

Written by Christina and Tim