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We recently revealed out loud, all over the internets, that we are taking on a more active lifestyle.

Over the last month and a half we have found a few products that we are head over heels for, thought maybe we could share some of them with you in our monthly round-up. october-hers 1.  I am fairly certain I have professed my love for my Nikes on more than one occasion.  Never have these shoes ever given me a blister or worn out…and they have seen a lot of miles now.  Hands down the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.  In fact, I am saving my pennies for another pair.

2.  On a recommendation from a fellow busty lady, I bought myself a Moving Comfort “Juno” sports bra.  This sucker is good.  Those girls don’t move, no matter what craziness I get myself into.  The straps are easily adjustable, so I feel like it will stay with me through a few pounds.  If you have ever had to wear two sports bras, invest in one of these bad boys asap.

3.  Once again, on a recommendation from a fellow blogger, I bought myself a Flip Belt.  It holds your cellular, keys, debit card, and well anything you used to shove in your sock.  I love being able to keep my phone handy without it bouncing around like crazy.  It does ride up more than I would like, but I think once I lose ten more it will be perfect.

4.  I love technology.  It makes everything so easy.  The Lose It app is so incredibly easy, and keeps me accountable and motivated.  Tim prefers a different app, but I just think this one is soooo easy to use.

5.  Let me tell you, chafing was most definitely the devils doing.  Nothing worse than being half way through your workout and realizing you are going to be totally raw by the time you finish.  Thank goodness for Body Glide.  And spandex. october-his 1.  I have been using the My Fitness Pal app on my phone to log my food and really look into what sort of nutrients I am getting.  Christina thinks it is not as user-friendly, but I am a sucker for graphs.  More protein please.

2.  Our most recent big purchase was an elliptical.  Was it out of our budget, yes.  Does it take up our whole living room, you betcha.  But Christina has worked out every single day since early September, so I know it was worth it.  We bought this one because it is extra sturdy, and simulates running through the woods.  I figure that can get me through this rough winter we are bound to have.

3.  You should remember I have gone gluten-free.  On our long hikes I always pack one or two of my favorite snacks.

4.  Our Fitbit Flex’s were probably the best buy we have made in the last year.  They have forced us to be so much more active.  My competitive fiancé will even run up and down stairs now just to get more steps than me.  I also like being able to track my sleep, or lack thereof.

5.  We just started trail running last week.  I learned quickly that I needed to replace my old backpack with something that wouldn’t bounce around and hold me back.  Enter Camelbak.  Enough storage for everything we need and plenty of water for our long hikes.  Why am I just now jumping on this bandwagon?

What caught your eye this month?
Any fitness goods we are missing out on?
Did you notice the part where T said we are trail running?  Say what?

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Written by Christina and Tim

8 thoughts on “his + hers active october

  1. Trisha D.

    Ahh Camelbaks, brings me back to base where all the guys had them during their morning unit runs. They used the hydration ones. Some were ‘issued’ but we ended up purchasing one because they were that awesome. If using powdered drinks, don’t forget to wash them out right away!

  2. Janelle

    YOU GUYS! Love this “active” edition! And I’m so proud of both of you! Very inspiring!!

    I used My Fitness Pal earlier in the year and like it too. (I think I might like pen and paper better though because then I can do a quick look across several days). What about Lose It makes you like that app better?

    I’m curious how you guys picked the Flex over the other options. I’m kinda eyeing up the Force. Do you love it? Give me the deets!

    I am eternally in love with all things Camelbak, especially their Better Bottle or Eddy style water bottles. I have one with me ALWAYS.

    Be honest: is the elliptical boring? Or do you watch tv or read or daydream while you rock that thing?

    You guys have me all excited and motivated and inspired! You rock! And yes I caught the part about trail running. Look at you! WOO HOO!

    1. Christina Post author

      Its a little easier to tell you what I don’t like about MFP 🙂 I don’t like that when you are trying to add food it only shows you previous meals for that “time” For example, if I ate pasta for lunch and entered all the info, and then I eat the same thing for dinner…I have to search it all again. Does that even make sense? I just think it isn’t as easy to add your meals.

      We are DYING for the Force, so bummed we didn’t wait a month to get a FitBit haha. We definitely wish we had the Force, but love our Flex’s.

      I watch tv (mostly riviting crime shows that keep my interest) but when commercials come on I really struggle. It isn’t as bad as I thought it would be though.

      Get it girl 🙂

      1. Janelle

        You’re totally right about MFP! Guess I should check out Lose It again. I had tried it but it seemed exactly the same as MFP. Now I know it’s not!

        Maybe you need a plan for commercials? Like have a music playlist ready to play keep-you-going tunes during the commercial breaks. OR you’re watching the wrong thing and need to keep Channing Tatum movies going (like that one where he’s an urban street dancer or Magic Mike <– hahaha).

        I'm so impressed. You rock!

  3. Denise

    The flip belt thingy looks pretty clever. How accurate is your Fitbit? I got a Zip recently (on sale at Target because its an ugly color) and I’m pretty impressed. I wore it to Castlewood and told the hubs we did 4.1 miles. And he said my tiny little legs could not possibly give an accurate mileage count. Grrrr.

    1. Christina Post author

      I think the Fitbit is pretty accurate, it syncs with my phone so I have sat and watched it rack the steps up. It isn’t as great on a treadmill or elliptical but if I put it on my shoe it is much better.

      We LOOOOVE Castlewood, especially the River Scenic Trail…maybe we will see you out there one weekend!


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