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So this happened…. tim-has-a-new-ride Yep, on a whim one day Tim decided he was ready for an upgrade from his Benz to a DIY dream machine.  We had been talking about it ever since we had to rent a truck to build our planters.  Then really started throwing the idea around once we declared a more active lifestyle.  The last straw was falling head over heels for one too many “that won’t fit in the car” pieces at estate sales.

When we realized the payment would be the exact same, insurance would be cheaper, and we could officially do all the things we want to….we were sold.  Techy Tim even got to keep all the fancy features he loved about his sedan.  Warm-bottom toaster seats, bluetooth, and get this…the navigation tells you the current speed limit.

Now I say we need a big project and a road trip!  If you are in the area, and in need of a fancy new ride….be sure to give Barreth Chrysler in Washington, MO a chance.  They were beyond friendly and made the whole experience (dare I say it) fun.  They didn’t give us any “mention us” discounts or anything….we just loved them enough to want to jump on our little mountain molehill and shout it out to the locals.

What do you drive?
Does anyone else have a storage shed just for estate sale projects?
Got a kayak we can borrow?

Written by Christina and Tim

Just to prove that I don’t complain about being out of shape and then devour a box of Twinkies, I wanted to update you all on our little fitness journey.

I have worked out every. single. day. since September 13th and my goal is to workout at least twenty minutes a day until Christmas.  Even if it is just two ten minute slow walks around the blocks, I am forcing myself.  I haven’t gotten burnt out yet, and I am actually getting to the point were when I haven’t worked out I get a little antsy.  How long does it take to form a habit again?

My favorite thing we have taken on is hiking.  Every weekend Tim and I try to find a new trail to explore.  Our favorites now are about 4 or 5 miles with lots of Missouri bluffs.  And I now laugh at the first time we hiked when after one mile in I was practically in tears.  I sure have come a long way.

I can feel myself getting stronger and faster and it feels amazing.  I have lost 17 pounds this month, which I know sounds like a LOT of weight….it should give you a hint at exactly how terrible I was eating on the daily.  Looking in the mirror I don’t see any difference, but when I pulled the first photos of our very first hike I can see that I look much less bloated.  At least I think, at least I hope.  Or whatever. workout-4 workout-3 workout-2 workout-1 I also started taking St. Johns Wort.  An all natural mood-enhancer.  Can we spell out game-changer real quick.  My mood is so much more stable, which Tim appreciates.

Now I just have to stick it out for the next 80 pounds.

Written by Christina and Tim

his + hers active october

Posted by Christina // 8 Replies

We recently revealed out loud, all over the internets, that we are taking on a more active lifestyle.

Over the last month and a half we have found a few products that we are head over heels for, thought maybe we could share some of them with you in our monthly round-up. october-hers 1.  I am fairly certain I have professed my love for my Nikes on more than one occasion.  Never have these shoes ever given me a blister or worn out…and they have seen a lot of miles now.  Hands down the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.  In fact, I am saving my pennies for another pair.

2.  On a recommendation from a fellow busty lady, I bought myself a Moving Comfort “Juno” sports bra.  This sucker is good.  Those girls don’t move, no matter what craziness I get myself into.  The straps are easily adjustable, so I feel like it will stay with me through a few pounds.  If you have ever had to wear two sports bras, invest in one of these bad boys asap.

3.  Once again, on a recommendation from a fellow blogger, I bought myself a Flip Belt.  It holds your cellular, keys, debit card, and well anything you used to shove in your sock.  I love being able to keep my phone handy without it bouncing around like crazy.  It does ride up more than I would like, but I think once I lose ten more it will be perfect.

4.  I love technology.  It makes everything so easy.  The Lose It app is so incredibly easy, and keeps me accountable and motivated.  Tim prefers a different app, but I just think this one is soooo easy to use.

5.  Let me tell you, chafing was most definitely the devils doing.  Nothing worse than being half way through your workout and realizing you are going to be totally raw by the time you finish.  Thank goodness for Body Glide.  And spandex. october-his 1.  I have been using the My Fitness Pal app on my phone to log my food and really look into what sort of nutrients I am getting.  Christina thinks it is not as user-friendly, but I am a sucker for graphs.  More protein please.

2.  Our most recent big purchase was an elliptical.  Was it out of our budget, yes.  Does it take up our whole living room, you betcha.  But Christina has worked out every single day since early September, so I know it was worth it.  We bought this one because it is extra sturdy, and simulates running through the woods.  I figure that can get me through this rough winter we are bound to have.

3.  You should remember I have gone gluten-free.  On our long hikes I always pack one or two of my favorite snacks.

4.  Our Fitbit Flex’s were probably the best buy we have made in the last year.  They have forced us to be so much more active.  My competitive fiancé will even run up and down stairs now just to get more steps than me.  I also like being able to track my sleep, or lack thereof.

5.  We just started trail running last week.  I learned quickly that I needed to replace my old backpack with something that wouldn’t bounce around and hold me back.  Enter Camelbak.  Enough storage for everything we need and plenty of water for our long hikes.  Why am I just now jumping on this bandwagon?

What caught your eye this month?
Any fitness goods we are missing out on?
Did you notice the part where T said we are trail running?  Say what?

Written by Christina and Tim

Have you ever lived next to a nasty neighbor?

Here’s hoping that our neighbors never find this little old website…we have one family that live right next to us and to put it nicely, they are jerks.

Most of our neighborhood consists of friendly retirees with beautiful lawns and freshly washed cars.  They usually always wave, and never call the cops on our early morning hammering.  Then we have our jerks next door.  Mean since day one.  Have called us in to the city officials for a supposed leak in our pool, all the while violating about four or five city codes themselves.  We wave, they glare.  Don’t even get me started on the oil stains in front of our house.  End Rant.

Today, we are going to make an effort. do-your-neighbors-right Let’s think about it.  Fenced in back yard for leisure, long days at the office, a garage that lets us in and out of our house with no human contact, no kids to play outside, no time to wash our car, no time for anything really.  These are the things that make us inaccessible to our neighbors.

With the fantastic weather Missouri has been dishing out, we are going to take this week to be outside.  Social butterflies in our community, hopefully someone will talk to us.  Or at least wave while they are driving by.  We also made a deal to go to our next community meeting…maybe it will give us an edge in the holiday decoration contest.

Are you a good neighbor?
Do you live in a community of youngsters?
Should I bake our mean neighbors cookies?

Written by Christina and Tim

Michaels craft tour...

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I don’t think I have ever been as excited as the day that I got an invite to the grand re-opening of our local Michaels store.  The craft store has always been one of my favorites, but I used to always choose a competitor because finding what I needed quickly was not going to happen at Michaels.  Lucky for me…that was their primary focus in the new design.  They simplified the whole shopping experience, and who better to show off the new digs to than crafty bloggers. the-grand-reopening-of-michaels We got to take a tour of the new design and got inside scoop on some of the details they added to make shopping easier.  Things like widening the aisle, reducing clutter, adding high signage, really putting thought into how the departments were organized, and the best part was lowering the aisle displays.  Yes, you can now see the majority of the store from one spot and it is glorious.

My favorite part was stepping onto my dream bus. the-craft-bus We got to craft with Jo Pearson, the creative expert for Michaels and host of TLC’s Craft Wars.  As if spending time with other bloggers isn’t enough they threw in endless supplies of cute paper and a crafting genius.  Pretty much the best day ever.

To top it all off, we got a gift card to shop the new store and I am happy to report that it was so easy to find everything I wanted.  I can’t wait to show you what we got, it was so hard not to go crazy on all the Halloween decor.  Since the Craft Tour, I have stopped back into Michaels to pick up a few little things (I go through modge podge like a maniac) and have been so pleased.  Honestly, I haven’t even been to that other store since…which is crazy since they know me by name.

As I mentioned, Michaels did give us bloggers lots of goodies and a sneak peek….but you all know we only work with brands we use and love.  All the sappy love professions are straight from my heart because I can now find the ribbon aisle lickety split.

What are your store pet-peeves?  Clutter?  Customer service?
Do you have a Michaels by you?
Have you seen Craft Wars?  Obsessed.

Written by Christina and Tim