Friday favorites...nine one three

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Today is going to be a very lucky day.  Happy Friday the 13th my friend.

I hope you have a day as beautiful as one of Nataly Novosad’s watercolor paintings.  I wish everyday was this beautiful, and I also wish I could make a watercolor painting without it looking like a two-year old spilled their juice.  Nataly has mad skills and also paints adorable little animals, her duck painting pretty much melted my heart. nataly-novosad-watercolors-etsy-shop Some other things that made me verbally ohhhh…. a-beautiful mess-bar cart I seriously want to have a guest room.  A fancy one where we could invite people to come to ol’ Missouri for the Gray house bed-and-breakfast experience.  Maybe one day.  Le sigh.  When that day comes, I am taking a cue from Elsie and Emma and making a sweet statement with a welcome cart.  I want to come stay with them, pretty much immediately. the-hunted-interior-dog-bed I have never found another person that makes me think outside of the design-box like Kristin.  The best part is I literally love everything the girl does.  Take this beyond cute dog bed for example…Asti is super jealous. closet-kitchen-hot-cheesy-corn-dip This makes me so upset that our corn didn’t make it.  This just sounds like it is everything good in the world, cheese and corn….yes please.  Kevin, you sure know the way to my heart.  Now send me corn.

What goods did you find this week?
How are you celebrating Friday the 13th?
Have some corn I can borrow?

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