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Tim and I have been hiking on weekends lately, and one of our new favorite things to do is bring a little plastic bag and pick up as much trash as we possibly can.

It all started when Tim picked up one little bottle, now we have started making a game to see who can pick up the most “treasure”.  Today I want to translate our little beautification process to everyday life. pick-up-some-liter-to-make-monday-matter You know how we love our animals, so I find it disturbing that nearly 300 species die from ingesting or getting entangled in marine debris annually.  What a shame, think of the ducks.

If every single person picked up just one piece of litter today, there would be over 3 million fewer pieces of litter.  If everyone picked up 10 pieces, there would be 3 billion fewer pieces.  Even though picking up just one piece seems like it could never make an impact, it could be saving a little life while improving your community.

Confession time:  Are you a litter bug?

Written by Christina and Tim


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Often times I use Fridays to showcase all the things that have inspired me all week.

Today will be no different, except that it won’t be personified animals.

Last year I was very involved in the United Way Campaign at my full-time job.  This year, as much as I wanted to be, it didn’t seem feasible with the new position.  So instead I threw out one idea.  A simple idea.  An idea that I wanted in my heart for so long.

Ignite people’s fires.  Give them passion about our brand.  Show them the bigger picture.  Get them invested in the story.  Ok, so technically that’s a couple ideas….but the main idea was allow people to come tour the corporate office.  Introduce them to the “big-wigs” and teach them about our business.  They went for it.

Last night was one of the most inspiring moments I have had in my career.  There was a small turnout, and towards the end of the tour there she was.  The most successful person in our company.  One of only 18 female CEO’s on the Fortune 500 list.  Someone who started at entry-level, and now has the best view in the building.

Then the most amazing thing happened.  She talked to us.  She spent over an hour showing us historical artifacts, storytelling, foreshadowing, and answering our questions.  She gave us a tour of the boardroom, and let us sit on her über comfy sofa.  I am so lucky to work for a company where the CEO will take an hour out of her day to talk to employees she has never met.  Her words were inspiring, and now my only goal in life is to have an office with a shower in it.

So you want to know what inspired me this week?  My company.  My CEO.  My refound ambition.  And a quote that my current manager uses quite often. get-inspired I hope you take that with you.

Do you work in the corporate world?
How do you define success?
Are you old when you get starstruck by a CEO?

Written by Christina and Tim

I miss yellowcard...

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Anyone else miss some of those teen angsty songs you used to jam out in your parent’s basement?  I have been craving some Yellowcard electric violin, and the catchy tunes of Relient K.

Last night I got to drive home listening to a local station’s “Acoustic Sunset” and got to relive some of my crazy nights as a fresh sixteen year old.  Driving all over God’s green earth because it only cost $13 to fill up my tank.  Ahhhh the good ol’ days.

They even played some acoustic Avril Lavigne.  While I would like to pretend that i didn’t know every word, I definitely belted it out for the three minute entirety.  Even gave T the button, whoops.

Isn’t it funny how music can take you back to an exact time or place.  Like you turn on some Something Corporate and I can picture riding shotgun in my best friend’s old truck while we practice our air band moves.  Some of the best times of my life, fo sho.

There are songs that remind me of people. As soon as I hear them I get an immediate impulse to call, text, or send smoke signals just to tell them I am thinking about them. Some songs i just can’t listen to anymore because they take me right back to a very painful place. Is there anything else we quite relate to like music?

Acoustic has always had a place in my heart. This sounds silly but it always makes me feel connected to the artist(s). Like you can hear all of the emotions in their voice. And miracle of all miracles I can decode lyrics to songs like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s“.

So imagine my delight when I googled Yellowcard only to find out that they are releasing an Accoustic version of my favorite cd. Imagine my disgust when they pointed out “Oceans Avenue” was released over ten years ago. Where did that time go, did all of my car dancing force life into warp speed. Did someone at least catch it on tape so that my goldfish memory can relive it.

I am so jealous of the Kardashians. Imagine when they are old bittys and can rewatch all of their glory days. Then hopefully they will realize how insignificant some of their drama was. Where do I sign up to get one of those reality show things?

Ok, I have gotten way off track. All I am asking is what did you rock out to in your glory days?
Were you a Rocker? Alternative? Gangster? Hillbilly? Popstar?
Did you know the real lyrics to Breakfast at Tiffany’s?


Written by Christina and Tim

A little late is better than never right?  I won’t keep you waiting a second more. September-hers 1.  This junk will change your life.  After you throw on your morning mask you just spritz Urban Decay’s setting spray on and then stare in the mirror as your makeup stays perfect all day.  Ok, maybe you don’t have to watch in the mirror all day.  Try the “cooling” version, it is amazing once you are all hot and bothered from your straightener.

2.  Oh. my. word.  This gum.  I feel like it was fate for me to try this gum.  I ran into my friend Sandy from Vermont in an Atlanta airport (weird right) and she just happened to offer me a piece.  Now I just consider it my addiction.  I normally am not a fan of sweet gum but this one hits the spot.  Now if I could get T to stop stealing my packs.

3.  I adore fall, and I love that preppy flats start to steal the show come September.  Target always has such a great selection…I am already saving my pennies.

4.  So the lovely Cara mentioned the “Perfect 365” app on her blog and I thought I would give it a try.  It is a “quick fix” photo editor that throws some makeup on your face for you.  I on the other hand haven’t used it for that….I use it to doll my face up with “goblin makeup” and scare my friends.  It gets even better once you start playing with their photos.

5.  I love this stuff almost as much as I love the UD setting spray.  I feel like I can practically make my twenty-something acne disappear.  The best part is you can build it up so if the first layer isn’t quite cutting it you can rub some more on without looking like a cake face.

6.  Ruffles with Love has some of the funniest sayings on their tanks.  I will be debuting my first purchase as soon as it gets here…tapping foot waiting impatiently.  They are so clever and hip to the times.  I want to buy them ALL. september-his 1.  I am still sporting my iPhone 4 proudly.  Even though Christina is begging me to give her my upgrade so she can buy that new gold iPhone, I think I am using this round to finally get up to date technology.  I will not be getting the gold thank you very much.

2.  You may see a theme on my board.  We are going to talk about it more next week.  Let me know if you figure out what it is.  Ok it is not so much a theme as it is two things that relate to each other.  Regardless, I have made this oatmeal my nightly routine.  I can’t go to bed without it, apparently I am an old man.

3.  We bought this a couple of weeks ago and I am still loving it.  The Ryobi Airstrike nail gun is my favorite tool right now, so easy to use.  I am amped to get started on replacing our baseboards.

4.  As much as we try not to turn to frozen meals, our lives have gotten very busy these days.  Of all the freezer meals to be had, Amy’s Kitchen makes em the best.

5.  I did not want to put this on here, but Christina forced me.  It’s just too personal.  We never would have bought Cottonelle’s Fresh Care wipes, but after Haven they sent us a box to try.  Not to get too in depth, but in ten years everyone will be using these and wonder how we ever lived without them.  It’s a little strange at first but now when I don’t use them I feel disgusting.  And that is all I have to say about that.

What are your September favorites?
Have you tried the Cottonelle Fresh Wipes?
Rushing out to get lemon gum?

Written by Christina and Tim

remember that time...

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Remember when I told you, oh I don’t know…seven days ago, that I wanted to take a moment to be thankful.  Well, that “moment” stretched out its lengthy little arms and wrapped a whole week up in laziness.

I hope that no one got worried, or sent out a bat signal or missing person alert or something.  I was just holed up trying to find my appreciation for all the good in our lives.  Like butterflies.  Or lemon flavored things.  Or the fact that even though we don’t have hardwood floors our house is still the only home I would want to live in.

Sometimes I get so caught up in the blogosphere’s shining beauty that I forget all the lovely things I have around me.  The last seven days I just wanted to breathe it all in.

Sorry for our absence.  I wish I could tell you we were working on all sorts of cool projects, but really we were just working on ourselves…I will save that for another day.

Written by Christina and Tim


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I interrupt our regularly scheduled post to take a moment to be thankful.

Thankful that I woke up today.  I woke up with a roof over my head, food in the pantry, water readily available, a choice of what shoes to wear, and most importantly…everyone I love woke up too.

All of this killing, the blatant disregard for life saddens my heart.  So many people in the world would give anything to have a fraction of what we don’t even take the time to be thankful for.

I won’t get into the politics.  I refuse to, because politics have nothing to do with it.  I just wanted to share a quote that I heard a few months ago that sort of changed my life. 

“What if we woke up today, with only what we thanked God for yesterday.”

I hope you will take a moment to be thankful for all the good in your life.

Written by Christina and Tim