Wedding Week....something old

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I am so in love with Wedding Week, heck I could marry it!

You know how sentimental and sappy I am.  So of course I get overly-giddy thinking about “something old”.  You know, the bounce-in-your-chair-squeal-like-a-pig-and-maybe-even-hyperventilate type of giddy.

I only wish I could have something as special as Casey from Diy Playbook has…we are talking old school love letters circa the 90’s.  Holy adorable.  I bet reading back through those is so much fun.  So much nostaglia and I bet a lot of times you just laugh at all the things you thought were big news back then! casey-at-diy-playbook-something-old-for-wedding-week-final I heard through the grapevine that there are even some throwback photos making an appearance on their blog today.  I am heading over there immediately to scope it out, I bet they look as cute as Miss Kapowski and Mr. Morris.  If you need me I will be reminicing about yearbook slang and cute ways to fold love letters.


How did you sign yearbooks?  Any clever acronyms?
Do you have any old love letters?
Are you excited for Alysia’s project tomorrow?

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Written by Christina and Tim

2 thoughts on “Wedding Week….something old

  1. Casey @ DIY Playbook

    Christina you are sooo right about folding! I was always sooo terrible at making really cool triangles and diamonds with my notes, and I’m sure I would still suck at it today!

    Now it is all texting and email…I miss the good old pen and paper notes!

    1. Christina Post author

      I know it! How sad that these kiddos won’t have any high school relics 🙂 I still look back at some of my old notes and laugh at my gel pen obsession haha!!!

      I can’t WAIT to see your engagement photos.


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