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Normally when Friday is upon us I am gleeful.  Full of glee that’s me.  Not this Friday though, because today marks the end of Wedding Week.  There may be tears.  No tears allowed until after we oogle Bridget’s stunner of a card box.  That way after you wipe your drool you can wipe your tears. bridget-at-diy-playbook-something-borrowed-for-wedding-week-final I don’t know how she does it but that girl has an eye for all things gorgeous!  If I tried to make that burlap banner it would be so gawdy even Elton John would turn away in horror.  The details are so precious, and so is the story.  Make sure you go read all about it over at DIY Playbook and tell them happy weekend too.

Have you been to any weddings lately?  The last few I have been to I noticed something strange…no one buys presents anymore.  The newlyweds have a beautiful table all set up and there are only three pretty presents.  Has everyone moved to cards these days?  I am not sure how much I like that.

Are you bummin Wedding Week is over?
Got any fun weekend plans?
Are you a present buyer or a gift card guru?

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Written by Christina and Tim

7 thoughts on “Wedding Week….something borrowed

  1. Julie @ WarriorNurse.com

    This year has been a pretty big year, for my family and I, for attending weddings. Last month, my sister was married, before that one of my good friends, and, in September, another one of my good friends will be getting married. I’ve seen the big trend towards gift cards, as well, but, I don’t know, there’s something, to me, a little more personal about a good present. I think gift cards will forever be a “safe” option–which is probably why it’s so appealing–however, nothing beats the look on someone’s face when get them a present you know they’ll love.

    1. Christina Post author

      For my parents anniversary they got a ton of gift cards…which they loved. But the presents we remember. No one looks back and says oh man I sure loved that Texas Roadhouse Uncle Bob got me. I think the best ones are the personalized gifts, it just shows so much thought. I am too much of a procrastinator to surprise anyone with something that special haha.

  2. Janelle

    It doesn’t have to be over. Wedding Week 2.0 can feature only YOUR stuff!

    You know, I’m so torn on present-buying for weddings I have to travel to (others I’m cool with gifts – strictly from the registry!) I’m sure some social expert somewhere will tell me I’m wrong, but if I’m spending $500+ dollars on a flight/rental car/hotel to get to your wedding, you’re gonna have to accept my presence as your gift. Luckily that person was my best friend but I have another coming up that will cost me at least $1500 and sorry dude, you’re not getting a gift!

    Have a lovely weekend!!

  3. Angela

    Congrats on the engagement! I’ve fallen behind on my blogs and just found out!!

    I think a lot of the gifts are given at wedding showers. One of my friends had family all over the country and they did a whole “wedding tour” of showers until the wedding so that family would have time with her and her future husband. Especially for those that couldn’t make it to the wedding. Even though I’ve seen just cards/money given at showers by some people, I feel like more people put an effort into getting a gift even if it’s just from a gift registry. I am from the south (Georgia) though :), traditions may be a little different.

    1. Christina Post author

      Awwww thanks Angela! Yea, that’s true I do see a lot more presents at the showers and even the bachelor/bachelorette parties. A wedding tour sounds fabulous!!!


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