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When I was growing up my dad would start every new school year with a song, “School days, school days” and that’s generally all he got out before my sister and I got out a whiny, “Daaadddddddd”.

When my dad was younger, his father sang it to him and he never understood what was so exciting about the first day of school…until he had two rambunctious girls.  Then it all made sense.

While I was young we were very blessed to be able to go shopping every year for new school supplies, a new wardrobe, and sweet new kicks.  So many kids don’t have that luxury, so this year I want to help. students-running-to-school-back-to-school-backpack Tim and I are taking a backpack full of notebooks and pencils, folders and markers, rulers and pens up to a local school.  We are hoping they will find their way to the students that need them.

We are even trying to get some of our co-workers and family in on the fun.

Have you ever donated school supplies?
Have you seen some of the cute backpack choices out there?
Wish you could go back to kindergarten like I do?


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Written by Christina and Tim

10 thoughts on “Make Monday Matter…make a backpack

    1. Christina Post author

      I have a lot of teacher friends and they are always talking about how sad it is to see kids without the proper supplies, and you know it makes them feel bad about themselves. Heck yes I will spend a couple bucks to put a smile on a kid’s face 🙂

  1. Julie

    Shopping for school supplies was my favorite thing about the new school year. It was always so exciting to me to get a brand new box of crayons, a new pencil box, etc. At work they are doing a school supply drive, so I buy a bag of supplies to donate. That way I still get the excitement of buying new supplies plus the added bonus of helping someone out. I think that is great what Tim and you are doing. You should start that at your place of employment, you could be employee of the year!!

    1. Christina Post author

      What a good idea! It would be so simple too, just bring in one thing. If everyone did that we could supply a whole school with notebooks!!! Great idea 🙂

      School supplies are soooo cute these days by the way hahaha

    1. Christina Post author

      Is it just me or does it seem like they are asking them to bring more and more supplies. I feel like when I was a kid it was just a few things, now it’s like a whole sheet!!!

      Awwww I hope he has a great year 🙂

  2. Rachel

    They have a box in my office building to donate supplies, but we prefer to help those we know personally who are having difficulty. Every year, my husband insists on purchasing my little sister’s school supplies (she has special needs), because he wants her to have nice things that she will enjoy and my Mom has no idea what is cool. This year, we bought extras for my niece and nephew and a refugee family we know that has 7 children. When I stopped to think about how much buying that many sets of school supplies would cost them, I realized that my budget could withstand more, so I stocked up on notebooks, crayons, pencils, etc. at Walmart. The kids’ faces were priceless, and it kind of made me feel like Oprah. The little voice in my head was saying, “You get crayons, and you get crayons, colored pencils for everybody!!!!”

    Can’t say I want to go back to kindergarten. My mom pulled a fast one on me when I started school. She told me it was only Monday to Friday and then I was done. I understood that school only lasted a week, so I did great my first week of school. When the second week rolled around and my Mom explained it was every week for the next 13 years of my life, I threw the biggest hissy fit you’ve ever seen.

    1. Christina Post author

      Hahahaahaha….that whole comment sent me on a rollercoaster of emotions! I laughed, I teared up, I got even more inspired…like you said I know our budget can withstand more. I loooove that Oprah reference, I want to roll up in a school and just started tossing out supplies hahaha. Love it 🙂

  3. Janelle

    Aw yay for you! Such a sweet idea. Good karma 🙂

    I loooove back to school shopping and helped my nieces with their supply list (NC public schools have very little money so each kid has to get a giant list of supplies… no joke 8-12 glue sticks per kid. ?!?!?! baffling).

    I helped my little redhead shop for a bookbag this week and it totally made me want to buy a new one for myself. I don’t remember having so many options when we were younger. Pretty much everyone had a Jansport and called it a day, right?!?


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